Dell 22″ Crystal Display

Many of you have probably already seen the coverage in Gizmodo and other places in the blogosphere. I had blogged about Kevin Kettler's demo of a prototype of the display, but now it's official. Today, we introduced the Dell Crystal 22" widescreen display.

It features a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 display, a 2ms response time, and integrated webcam and speakers, in a pretty slick overall design. It's our first monitor to feature a DisplayPort connection. Lots more to talk about in terms of that new technology, so I'll see about getting some Dell folks to blog more about DisplayPort in the future. Besides DisplayPort, The 22" display supports high definiton resolutions through DVI or HDMI as well.

Update February 18:  My apologies to customers for mis-quoting the specs of the 22" Crystal display. It does not support DisplayPort—our 3008WFP widescreen flat panel is the first one to incorporate DisplayPort.

It doesn't come cheap though—the Dell Crystal display is $1,199. See more information at

Update: 1/13-I forgot to include the IdeaStorm reference here. My apologies for not doing this several days ago. On IdeaStorm, conversations around improving the look of Dell's widescreen displays have also been popular. Back in May, IdeaStorm member jmxz posted an idea for Dell to "keep making great designs like this" for its monitors.

Not long after, hope_l from Dell's Experience Design display and imaging team joined the conversation and talked about Dell's commitment to creating new designs that blend technologies and reduce wires.

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