Dell: A Novel Approach to Systems Management

Dealing with multi-vendor physical, virtual, and hybrid computing environments can be a daunting dilemma for IT Administrators. Faced with such challenges, administrators frequently turn to incremental systems management solutions to overcome data center inefficiencies. But all too often the very tools meant to alleviate these ever-increasing complexities only add to the confusion, and restrict flexibility in addressing the issues of evolving IT environments.

At Dell, we take a different approach. We’re reducing the number of tools needed to manage complex IT environments. And the first step in that approach is to simplify and automate the most essential and repetitious IT operations associated with keeping the heart of your data center, and your business, up and running smoothly – server lifecycle management tasks.

Our OpenManage systems management portfolio includes the Dell PowerEdge server embedded management product, Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller, which works independently of operating systems or hypervisors. Utilizing iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller, IT Administrators can efficiently execute the four most frequently performed and time-consuming data center management tasks while deriving incremental benefits:

Deploy: Simplified server setup with auto-discovery, automated remote configuration, embedded driver packs, and media-less tool features

Update: Change management made easy through component-level selection, automated tracking with lifecycle logging, update schedules that suit your schedule, and agent-free delivery with no installation of a systems management software agent required

Monitor: Comprehensive views across enterprise systems, pro-active management down to component, software, and service levels, investment savings with value-add integration, and connections to other major systems management solutions

Maintain: Increased uptime with quick remediation if issues occur, fast roll-back capabilities, and easy component replacement and reconfiguration

OpenManage is further set apart from other systems management solutions because it is developed on the industry standard Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) platform and Web Services for Management (WSMan) interfaces, which provide an open environment for console integration.

Development on open standards allows Dell to integrate the capabilities of iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller with other leading systems management consoles like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, BMC Software BladeLogic Operations Manager and Symantec Deployment Solution. IT departments can take advantage of all of the benefits of embedded management features in Dell PowerEdge servers and make the most of their existing systems management solutions.

OpenManage, with a unique combination of built-in-the-server management capabilities and integration with leading third-party systems management solutions, can put you at the forefront of hardware management efficiency. Take a look at how Dell is enabling customers like Catalyst2, Explorer Pipeline, Mindwave Research and Virtacore Systems with the power to do more. Imagine being able to achieve the following:

  • Seven-fold faster deployment of individual virtual machines
  • Six-fold faster deployment of new virtual servers
  • 91 percent higher utilization of server resources
  • Up to 20 hours per week reclaimed for IT staff on server management
  • Up to 67 percent reduction in administration time required for managing private clouds

This is just a glimpse of what is possible. To learn about how Dell OpenManage and PowerEdge servers can help alleviate your data center management challenges click here to view a video that highlights what we’re talking about. Let us know what you think.

About the Author: Sally Stevens