Dell Active System Manager 7.0 takes converged infrastructure management to workloads

To give our customers a more holistic converged infrastructure management experience, today we announced Active System Manager 7.0, which integrates IP from recently acquired Gale Technologies into the Active System management layer. Active System Manager now provides intuitive, template-based and automated deployment, orchestration and management of physical and virtual converged infrastructure and workloads,

Active System Manager empowers IT teams to:

  • Speed discovery, configuration and deployment of physical and virtual converged infrastructure
  • Quickly and easily deploy virtual machines and application workloads using pre-built and customizable templates
  • Efficiently allocate, optimize and manage converged infrastructure utilization through pooling and centralized control of server, storage and networking resources
  • Lower workload and infrastructure administrative time and costs through automated workflow orchestration and streamlined, template-based deployment
  • Consistently deliver quality IT services as the data center grows through resource scheduling and highly-reliable automated provisioning
  • Enable consistent and repeatable deployment and management of physical and virtual infrastructure and workload elements

Active System Manager 7.0 will be available with Active System 800, which is part of the Dell Active Infrastructure family of converged infrastructure solutions. Through capabilities such as streamlined workload deployments, resource pooling and automated end-to-end configuration of server, storage and network resources, Active System Manager enables IT to rapidly respond to dynamic business demands, maximize data center efficiency and strengthen IT service quality.

Stay tuned for future announcements as Dell continues to deliver on its strategy of helping customers modernize their infrastructure and streamline application deployments.

About the Author: Tom Baumgartner