Dell Adamo/TUMI Fashion Event

Celebrating the union of the luxurious Adamo By Dell laptop and the custom-designed matching TUMI accessories, Dell hosted a fashion showcase event May 5th at the TUMI showroom in NYC. 

Invited guests walked through a large glass door and entered the sophisticated showroom, starting in the women’s showcase area, where a large red chandelier helped command immediate attention to the featured products of the event placed stylistically on a pedestal.

A DJ/Theremin player created mellow lounge/jazz music and waiters served tasty appetizers and refreshing beverages; then in the Men’s Showroom, a large square table with glossy black chairs surrounding it and an oversized bouquet showcased a play area where several Adamo Pearl and Onyx laptops lured media guests to an unforgettable hands-on experience

TUMI CEO Jerome Griffith was in attendance, along with Dell Adamo designers Nicolas Denhez and Ed Boyd, who were on hand to provide background in regards to the evolution of design at Dell and were readily available for questions from the media.

Top-tier fashion elite from the likes of Vogue, GQ, InStyle, and many others enjoyed the intimate showcase highlighting the beautiful blend of taste and technology, which both products have to offer.

While Dell has long been known for providing rock solid and dependable computers for businesses and individuals, Adamo By Dell is considered a leap from the normal target audience. Amazed by the presentation, guests in attendance were overheard commenting, “I can’t believe this is a Dell” and “This makes me want to use a PC again.”

For more pictures from the event, check out the Dell Official Flickr Page.

Dell Adamo/TUMI Event

About the Author: Chris Byrd