Dell Adds Multiple 2016 CES Awards to Distinctions in the Field of Monitor Design

If you work in an office environment, you’re no doubt confronted by dozens of small and silent productivity killers every day, perhaps without you even noticing. Think of the monitor screen that becomes unviewable from certain angles or the crowded desk that leaves no room for your notepad — you might not be aware of how often these small hindrances throw off your working rhythm and take a toll on your comfort and output.

As the number one monitor brand in the world for three consecutive years, we’re bringing Dell’s industry-leading technology and design to reimagine the workplace — from monitors to keyboards to printers and beyond — to eliminate the tiny hindrances that slow productivity on a day-to-day basis. It’s this marriage of innovation and a productivity-centric approach that has made Dell the 2016 recipient of three CES Innovation Awards in design for our newest monitors, the Dell 23 Wireless monitor, Dell UltraSharp 27 InfinityEdge monitor, Dell UltraSharp 24 InfinityEdge monitor, Dell UltraSharp 24 Wireless monitor and the Dell UltraSharp 30 OLED monitor.

What’s OLED?

“Unlike conventional monitors that use LEDs or fluorescent tubes to light them, organic light emitting diodes or OLEDs create their own lighting,” explains Gordon Mah Ung in PCWorld. “This allows OLED displays to be thinner and smaller while offering superb black levels and contrast levels.”

Our new 30-inch 4K monitor is our first to come equipped with an OLED panel, marking the first time Dell has used an OLED panel on a monitor catered toward PC use. This monitor is ideal for professionals working in color-critical environments, such as photography and graphic arts, and more generally will appeal to customers in brand management, including creative agencies, talent agencies, creative studios and companies that sell premium services and experiences, such as wealth management

Dell UltraSharp 30 OLED Monitor (UP3017QA)
Dell UltraSharp 30 OLED Monitor (UP3017QA)

Other features include:

  • Infinite contrast ratio: Delivers a cutting edge typical contrast ratio of 400,000:1, including “True Black”
  • Broad color coverage: Provides 100 percent Adobe RGB coverage; 97.8 percent DCI-P3, the color standard used in video editing and animation design
  • Ultimate in resolution: Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Fast response time: Ultra-fast response time of 0.1 ms
  • Workspace maximizing: The monitor comes with USB type C, which provides video, data and powers (up to 100W) in a single cable solution; ability to charge a notebook while connected, eliminating need for a DC jack

Our Dell UltraSharp InfinityEdge Monitors feature the world’s first InfinityEdge displays with ultra-thin borders on all sides, offering a beautiful, virtually borderless monitor screen ideal for multi-monitor setups and are mounted on arms to optimize desktop workspace. Dell UltraSharp 27 InfinityEdge monitor (U2717DA) & Dell UltraSharp 24 InfinityEdge monitor (U2417HA) received 2016 CES Awards in Innovation and Eco-Design.

Dell UltraSharp 27 InfinityEdge Monitor (U2717DA)
Dell UltraSharp 27 InfinityEdge Monitor (U2717DA)

Other features include:

  • Super thin borders:
    • U2717D – 7.3 mm (left, top, right) and 8.4 mm (bottom) borders
    • U2417H – 5.3 mm (left, top, right) and 8.3 mm (bottom) borders

  • Workspace maximizing: Complementing arm offers greater adjustment flexibility and integrated cable management
  • Unparalleled screen performance: Colors look consistent no matter what angle you view the screen from
  • Color-accurate: 99 percent sRGB color coverage at deltaE < 2 right out of the box
  • Extensive connectivity: HDMI 1.4 (MHL 2.0), DisplayPort 1.2, mini-DisplayPort 1.2, DP-out, USB 3.0 x 4, Audio line-out  
  • Latest environmental and energy efficiency standards: These monitors are recipients of a 2016 CES Award in Eco-Design for their compliance with the latest environmental and energy efficiency standards, including  ENERGY STAR®, TCO Certified Displays and EPEAT® Gold and because they contain more than 25 percent post-consumer recycled materials in their chassis. These winning monitors are part of Dell’s closed-loop recycled plastic supply chain in which materials are recycled and reused multiple times rather than just once.
 Dell UltraSharp 24 Wireless Monitor (U2417HWi)
Dell UltraSharp 24 Wireless Monitor (U2417HWi)

The Dell UltraSharp 24 Wireless (U2417HWi) and Dell 23 Wireless (S2317HWi) monitors allow wireless connectivity where users can display and manage content from a Windows laptop and an Android smartphone concurrently, making them ideal for professionals who use mobility products like a laptop and smartphone. They also received 2016 CES Innovation Award in Computer Peripherals.

And, the Dell 23 Wireless (S2317HWi) monitor comes with another unique feature that has been generating a lot of attention here at #CES2016. The Verge said it “might make it doubly worth the money…”

It will wirelessly charge your smartphone!

Features include:

  • Wireless convenience: Wireless connectivity via Miracast to display content from a Windows laptop and Android smartphone/tablet on a single monitor screen without wires
  • No-wires experience:
    • U2417HWi – Expand productivity with wireless convenience and easy-to-view content from both devices on the same screen
    • S2317HWi – In addition to wireless connectivity, enjoy built-in dual integrated 3W speakers and a wireless charging stand for compatible mobile devices with sleek, high gloss design

Each of these monitors is a sign of our commitment to creating more productive ways to work, designed to fit your needs and budget, and supported by the industry’s most innovative technologies and proven reliability. Pricing and availability is available in the announcement released today.

We look forward to sharing these innovative new displays with you and hearing how they enhance your workday in ways great and small.

About the Author: Bert Park