Dell Adds the NVIDIA 8800M GTX with Dual SLI Technology to the XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook

Update: 1/29—My apologies… I published this at 6am, but meant to publish it here on the Direct2Dell home page.

I imagine many enthusiasts have read articles about NVIDIA's mobile graphics card in places like Anandtech, Crave, HotHardware and others. As of today, we're offering customers in the United States the option to order the mobile SLI version of the 8800M GTX in our XPS M1730 notebook. The same graphics card option will soon be available to customers in EMEA and APJ as well. What this means to a mobile gamer is DirectX 10 (DX10) performance that approaches performance of high-end desktops.

To put it in perspective, according to benchmark's run by Dell's performance team, the same XPS 1730 notebook earned a score of almost 13,500 in 3Dmark06—which is about 49% performance gain over two 8700M GT cards in the same notebook. In other words, games like Crysis, BioShock, Far Cry 2 and Age of Conan will scream.

Back when we launched the XPS M1730, I mentioned that we would offer an upgrade option for customers who purchased their laptops with the previous-generation graphics solution, the NVIDIA 8700M GT SLI edition. The upgrade option will also be available to customers who bought the XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition as well. 

Pricing and additional details about the graphics card upgrade program will be coming soon.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca