Ubuntu Server on Dell PowerEdge 12th and 11th Generation Servers

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Linux at Dell

For over a decade, Dell has integrated Linux in our internal IT, our manufacturing, and our solution offerings.  Dell has worked closely with Red Hat, SUSE and Oracle to provide the infrastructure for workloads at the edge and the core of the data center.  We ensure seamless Linux compatibility on all our enterprise platforms, including our Dell PowerEdge servers, storage, and systems management.  Additionally, we have the expertise to provide 24×7 support for both hardware and enterprise Linux distributions.

Dell and Canonical

As part of our commitment to the success of Linux in the enterprise, Dell is pleased to announce an agreement and arrangement to validate and support Ubuntu Server on our Dell PowerEdge servers.  Our enterprise Linux portfolio previously had a strong emphasize on meeting the needs for core data center functions.  Dell is a seeing a strong upward momentum of Linux in high volume environments.  With Ubuntu Server, Dell and Canonical, makers of Ubuntu, are in a great position to service hyperscale deployments.  Please click here to see the press release from Canonical.

Collaborative Support

As part of our agreement, Dell and Canonical will work together on the following:

  • Canonical will employ engineers onsite at Dell.
  • Dell will provide access to our labs and pre-preproduction hardware.
  • We will collaborate on roadmaps to ensure feature requests are implemented.
  • We will also publish an OS support matrix found Dell’s site here and Canonical’s site here.

Dell PowerEdge and Canonical Ubuntu Server FAQ

Updated 3/11/13

  1. What is being announced?
    1. Dell and Canonical have reached a collaborative agreement that will enable Ubuntu Server on Dell PowerEdge 11th and 12th generation servers.
    2. Dell will provide all the necessary hardware support based on standard support SLA agreements for customers running Ubuntu Server on Dell.
    3. As part of Dell’s agreement with Canonical, Dell will “warm” transfer OS-related issues to Canonical through a formal process established between our two organizations.  Customers must have an Ubuntu Advantage support agreement with Canonical to receive OS support.
  2. What comes with Ubuntu Advantage (UA) support?
    1. Beyond professional technical support for Dell certified systems, Canonical’s Ubuntu Advantage also gives enterprise customers the option to have custom package repositories, access to the support knowledge base, Landscape management, compliance reporting, and legal assurance.
  3. Where can I find the link to the Dell OS support matrix?
    1. Information will be posted and updated regularly on Dell’s OS support matrix found here.  Please see specific link towards the bottom of the page.
  4. Where can I find the link to the Canonical OS support matrix?
    1. Also part of our agreement, Canonical will have access to our Dell labs, engineers and other resources to ensure compatibility between our technologies.  Canonical will post the certification results to the Ubuntu and Dell page found here.  Please scroll to server link within this page for Dell-specific systems or you may click here.
  5. What do I do if I’m a ProSupport customer running Ubuntu Server and have an issue?
    1. For service tags which are entitled to BOTH ProSupport and UA, the customer may call Dell and utilize our collaborative support relationship with Canonical using the standard Dell support contact information.
  6. Where can I find more information?
    1. Information will be posted regularly to the Dell Techcenter page found here.
  7. What type of systems management option do I have, particularly Dell’s OpenManage offering?
    1. Dell PowerEdge 12th generation (12G) and future servers have agent free Out-of-Band management which allows administrators to discover, inventory, configure, update firmware and receive hardware health alerts, all without requiring the installation of a systems management agent.
    2. The Dell Linux engineering team does build and maintain OpenManage packages for Ubuntu.  Please click here for the .DEB repository.
  8. Where can I find more information about the Dell and Canonical relationship, including questions about Ubuntu Advantage, inquiries not covered in the FAQ and how to purchase this solution?
    1. Please fill out the “Ubuntu Advantage for Dell” form found here.
    2. You may also email dell-solutions@canonical.com or call directly 512-843-5443.

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