Dell and Citrix Solving Customer Challenges Together

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Citrix Summit concluded last week and Dell was there to showcase the latest Cloud Client Computing solutions built for Citrix and delivered by our joint partner community.  Built from the ground up to provide IT with flexible, end to end solutions needed for today’s mobile workforce, organizations are already seeing real and tangible benefits.

Beach sunset with a quote from Dell customer“With desktop virtualization, city employees absolutely love being able to fire up their Windows workstations from home. They have their mapped drives and access to any specialized application we’ve virtualized,” said Chris Benson, IT director for Redondo Beach in a  new case study that outlines how their IT team was able to provide employees new work flexibility and citizens with better client pc access, all while saving IT staff hundreds of hours annually using a Dell and Citrix solution. 

Leveraging Citrix XenDesktop® and XenApp® desktop virtualization software, along with Dell storage, networking, servers, and client systems, the team was able to update and refresh aging infrastructure and provide new capabilities to employees who can now access most of their key applications remotely.  Additionally, public citizens in Redondo beach will get better access to computers at the city’s public libraries because they have moved to a desktop virtualization delivery model, virtually eliminating the many hours of on-site service needed to maintain publicly accessed computers. 

The benefits extended beyond desktop virtualization.  The city was also able to improve backup and disaster recovery operations through data center mirroring leveraging Dell storage and networking.  Best of all, the solution was affordable.  By taking advantage of leasing options through Dell Financial Services, Redondo Beach director of IT Chris Benson was able to accomplish a great deal while staying under budget.

“In the end, I didn’t have to ask city management for new money,” he explained.

Dell and Citrix solutions like these are available for our channel partners to provide your customers, saving them time, providing new ways to work, and staying under budget.   If you are a Dell PartnerDirect partner and would like to learn more about how to provide the same kinds of solutions, you can take the newly released online training module – “Dell and Citrix: Desktop Virtualization for Small and Medium Business.”  The sales course is available to all Dell Channel partners and can help you outline the range of Dell and Citrix desktop virtualization solutions and their benefits to your customers.   The course is available in Partner Direct and will count as an elective toward the DVS competency.  You can register here or just search for the course code CXTS0114WBTS.

To learn more about what Dell and Citrix announced at the Citrix Summit last week, read this blog by Andy Whiteside, a Dell partner and architect at XenTegra.

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Topics in this article