Dell and VMware: Flexible and Scalable VDI Solutions Made Easy

Above, Jeff McNaught introduces Dell Wyse Datacenter solutions to media 

For the Dell Cloud Client-Computing organization, we have one goal: to make desktop virtualization easier, more manageable and more accessible for our customers. Many businesses today grapple with the need to secure and manage the proliferation of data and devices in the workplace. We really believe that with the surge in worker demands for mobility and flexibility, now is the time for organizations to consider desktop virtualization.

In August 2014 at VMworld, Dell announced that VMware has selected Dell as a global OEM partner for EVO:RAIL, and that it will be introducing the Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL. At the time, we also announced that we would be offering an EVO:RAIL solution specifically for VDI in the coming months.

Today, Erik Freiberg, VP of Marketing for End-User Computing for VMware, announced that they will be offering a new VMware Horizon 6 add-on to EVO:RAIL that enables partners and distributors to bundle the solutions for more savings.

I’m happy to report that the Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition for VDI will be available for purchase from Dell and through Dell PartnerDirect Preferred and Premier Partners starting in March. With Dell Wyse PCoIP zero clients and AIO thin clients for VMware, Dell will offer a complete VMware-verified end-to-end VDI solution based on EVO:Rail Horizon Edition.

Partners and customers at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) can visit Dell onsite and get a “hands on” demo of the solution and hear about how we’re helping organizations adopt desktop virtualization in a scalable, flexible and cost effective manner.

For those who won’t make it to the event, here are some of the benefits that can be realized with the solution:

  • Reduced time to value and reduced operational complexity
  • The ability to deploy and scale infrastructure investments based on business demand and the number of users
  • A true end-to-end desktop virtualization environment with a full suite of management tools, Wyse endpoints, Dell software and services.

In VMware’s blog, Freiberg discussed the company’s vision of transforming all traditional desktops into “mobilized, virtual workspaces that can access every application they need with simplicity and ease.” It’s the shared goal of making desktop virtualization easy and accessible that is key to our winning relationship.

About the Author: Jeff McNaught

Jeff McNaught is the Vice President of Marketing at Dell Cloud Client- Computing. Jeff is widely considered the most quoted spokesperson for cloud client-computing in the world. With the experience of hundreds of speaking engagements, articles and press interviews, he is considered an authority on the topics of green IT, cybersecurity, mobility, desktop virtualization and cloud computing. He joined Dell in 2012 as part of the Wyse acquisition and now leads end-to-end desktop virtualization marketing and strategy efforts with his talented team. Jeff joined Wyse in 1987 as an engineer, then led various strategy, development, marketing and general management roles where his most notable achievement was co-inventing and spearheading the development of the award-winning Wyse thin clients, now with tens of millions of units in use worldwide. He lives in El Dorado Hills, Calif., and earned his M.B.A. from Pepperdine University.