Dell and VMware – Partnering to Make Virtualization Easy and Profitable

Beginning in January of 2012, Dell  began working with VMware to ensure that Dell Premier and Preferred Partners that sold VMware OEM license sales through Dell received credit for those sales in the VMware Partner Program. It’s easy to join! All Partners have to do it go to the PartnerDirect portal, log in, click on the virtualization tab under solutions, and then choose VMware. That will take them to an opt-in page where they can opt into the program. That’s all there is to it! Dell takes care of the rest and Partners can focus on what they do best – selling to customers!

Once a Partner has opted into the program, Dell tracks all of their sales of VMware OEM licenses and reports back to VMware on a weekly basis the total number of sales and the amount of each sale. Based on those numbers, VMware then gives the Partner credit toward their revenue requirements for their Partner Program.

Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers maximizes your investment dollars by reducing server sprawl, maximizing desktop virtualization, minimizing server cooling costs, deliver higher availability and quick disaster recovery.  The Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers have the latest Intel Xeon processors and a large memory footprint with the 4 socket servers going as high as 48 DIMMS of memory, maximizing what you can get done on your productivity server.

These new servers also offer Dell Select Network Adaptors which provide the customer with the power to choose the specific network technology that is right for him or her and then easily upgrade the network over time. 

Managing these virtualized environments is easier than ever before with Dell’s OpenManage software which embeds the management and enablement tools directly on the hardware resulting in easier access and faster results. Dell offers this solution with VMware V-Center.

VMware offers a robust Partner Program that is based on three main components: competency completion, certifications and sales revenue. The VMware program also offers a variety of different kinds of partnerships, beginning with the type of relationship the Partner wants to have with VMware.

VMware offers Ten Reasons to Partner with VMware. While there may be ten very good reasons to partner with VMware, Partners only need one reason to join the VMware Partner Program with Dell and that’s to earn credit for selling Dell branded VMware OEM SKUs!  It’s so easy to do and once they've opted in, there’s nothing left for them to do but to concentrate on their customers and sell Dell PowerEdge 12th Generation servers.

About the Author: Samir Ahmad