Dell & Windows 7: A Winning Combination for Customers

The whole Dell team is thrilled to help bring Windows 7 to our customers! I am in New York today where there is great excitement and anticipation over the launch of Win 7…happening here and in many other parts of the world including London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing to name a few global hot spots.  We know we have the coolest products on the planet (and as fans of Alienware would say, in the universe) and today people all over the world usher in a new era with an operating system that makes the most out of our gear…

Simple: Windows 7 is a very stable operating system, which is fast and we believe going to deliver a remarkable customer experience. I have been using Win 7 for a few months and it has changed my life with my laptop. Windows 7 allows you to do more with fewer steps and with many cool features such as Location Aware Printing, Jump Lists to organize and speed up file and application access, file content previews on hover, and ways to get right to the windows you want with Snap/Shake/Peek.

Expressive: Windows 7 brings collaboration and multimedia together with exciting features like Windows Live Essentials, heterogeneous content integration into Media Center, Play To features that will present content stored on your PC to your designated home entertainment device, and HomeGroups that make networking other Windows 7 PCs easy and help people share files and printers among all the PCs in the network. We listen to our customers to understand and provide technology that meets their needs.

Secure: (without the hassle): Windows 7 provides security and user control without interruptions by moving pop up messages to the User Account Control center… so no more pop-ups to interrupt you (or tempt you to ignore them all).

Responsive: Faster boot times:  Boot to desktop times are cut in half with Win 7. Applications launch very quickly. You can put your system to sleep and wake it up faster than before and there are fewer crashes and freezes. Windows 7 has proven to be a much more stable code base (even in beta) so expect to be delighted when you boot-up your Dell laptop or desktop loaded with Win 7.

Powerful: No fear and no limits!  At Dell we "fly our own jetfighters."  Ask the Alienware engineers who have been using Windows 7 on their own machines. Games launch quicker and in-game performance rocks with the combination of DirectX 11 and Windows 7.  Trust us on this: if it's good enough for Area-51, it's good enough for anything!

So go ahead, discover the power of simplicity… we believe Windows 7 nails the fundamentals.  When you couple the benefits of Windows 7 with the award-winning hardware and breadth of products from Dell, we believe our customers are the clear winners.

About the Author: Alex Gruzen