Dell Announces Enhanced Virtualization and Cloud Consulting Services

Enterprise IT departments are asked to deliver results faster, more efficiently, at scale and with less budgets and resources. These substantial demands require innovative thinking and empowerment of available resources transforming the IT department from a “have to have” to a strategic element in today’s businesses. IT is quickly moving to virtualization and cloud technologies to overcome the constraints however many IT departments are finding issues in these technologies:

  • Virtualization did not pay off as expected and organizations are struggling with a lack of control, expertise, and visibility into how to improve the situation
  • Fire-fighting performance issues is common place
  • Cloud and virtualization strategy – adding cloud to a virtualized infrastructure is not simple and requires a rethink of the entire IT strategy
  • Cloud hype – how does an organization find the hidden trees in a forest of cloud marketing

Dell understands these critical issues facing customers and is ready to partner with IT groups looking for assistance in transforming their role in the business. As a leader in virtualization and cloud delivery services, Dell is here to understand your needs and deliver an optimal solution.

Our Cloud Consulting team has joined forces with CiRBA, a provider of predictive analytics software for controlling virtual and cloud infrastructure,to deliver a complete business analysis for virtualization and cloud deployments based on your needs.The new offerings include:

  • Virtualization Readiness Assessment – to help you determine what to virtualize, how to increase virtualization adoption while meeting cost efficiency and performance goals
  • Virtualization Performance Health Check – analysis of existing virtual environments to recommend how to reduce performance risk and issues while optimizing your leverage of technology
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment – analysis of your environment and goals to determine the best possible cloud options and strategy for your business

With our end-to-end solution portfolio, Dell has a wide variety of services and technologies to meet your needs in virtualization and cloud. From open source solutions to industry leading virtualization and cloud providers, Dell gives customers a choice. With our new cloud consulting services, Dell and CiRBA work directly with your team to properly deliver the requirements so badly needed and expected from your  organization.

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