Dell Announces EqualLogic PS4000 For Small Businesses, Remote Offices

EQL PS4000 2Today, Dell is expanding the EqualLogic iSCSI SAN line with new PS4000 Series storage arrays. The PS4000 arrays share nearly all of the same great attributes of the enterprise-class PS6000 line and previous EqualLogic generations, including the virtualized peer storage or ‘scale-out’ architecture and the all-inclusive feature set. However, the PS4000 Series is a more affordable option for a number of customer use cases where high-end performance or massive scalability aren’t required, such as remote offices or some small- or medium–sized businesses (SMBs).

Notably, the customers and channel partners I’ve spoken to immediately seized upon the product’s value proposition as remote site storage and as a replication partner to help improve data protection.

For instance, a regional amusement park chain is evaluating the EqualLogic PS4000 and saw how the product could help in their evolving disaster recovery scheme. The use case, which I think will be commonplace, is to deploy PS4000 arrays in smaller remote sites to provide affordable, highly available SAN storage for local point-of-sale and business applications, and also replicate key data back to headquarter operations that run higher-end EqualLogic arrays.

James Honey in our product marketing team explains a bit more about the benefits of this new product in this video.

About the Author: Dylan Locsin