Dell Announces Our Self-Service Enterprise-Class Cloud

Dell Cloud Services has once again innovated in the enterprise public cloud space with the Dell Cloud Management Console, an online self-service portal for new and existing customers to purchase, launch, and upgrade cloud infrastructure services. This new portal offers a host of services for self-management of cloud services:

  • Create a new account for Dell cloud service
  • Select from various pre-configured bundle packages/subscriptions
  • Establish user access and roles
  • Create new VM images and templates
  • Monitor system and user data in pre-defined reports
  • Upgrade resource needs
  • Account management services including billing
  • Support services

Enterprise public cloud customers can purchase preset packages via this tool to immediately leverage Dell’s global public cloud infrastructure. These bundles contain an assortment of bundled services based on typical customer needs:

  • Pay Per Use –  Pay only for what is used; availability of cloud not guaranteed
  • Reserved  – Cloud availability guaranteed at all times at a discounted rate from Pay Per Use
    • Proof of Concept Package –  targeting pre-production cloud use such as Dev/Test , Training, and Demo Systems
    • Compute Intensive Package – targeting production environment services such as SAP,  Sharepoint, and Web Hosting
    • Storage Intensive Package – targeting services needing real-time data storage and retrieval such as Document Management, Email, and Backup

For more information on the new Dell Cloud Management Console visit  To start your journey with Dell’s Cloud Services, access the Dell Cloud Management Console.

About the Author: Stephen Spector