Dell | Cambridge HPC Solution Centre Accelerates Research Discovery

I count myself as very fortunate to jointly host our launch of the Dell | Cambridge High Performance Computing (HPC) Solution Centre last week, along with Dr Paul Calleja, Director HPC Service, University of Cambridge.  One of the main aims of this significant new collaboration is to accelerate discovery in research by delivering best practice blueprints for HPC solutions and first-hand operational HPC experience to target real-world challenges that face the community.

I got a few minutes to sit down with Paul to discuss the deliverables from this unique industry and academic partnership which we’ve cut into two parts.  In the first part of the interview a big highlight is the Lustre Storage System Whitepaper. This is one of the first deliverables from the centre – sharing the experiences and strategy Cambridge has built up in the past few years and detailing reliability, performance and every day maintenance considerations.

In this second half of the interview we discussed cloud adoption, real-life research examples and the hidden costs in HPC.

I hope you’ll agree with me that this is a tremendous opportunity to develop and share HPC best practices and bring useful insights to the HPC community – ultimately supporting discovery.

About the Author: Troy West