Catalyst Magazine Launch: What’s your challenge for 2012?

 Now that we’re getting into the swing of the new year, it’s time to get down to business. Remember those silly resolutions about working-out every day and being nicer to our mothers-in-law? They’re just a distant memory and we are back to work thinking about professional and business goals for the coming year. As the new editor of Dell Catalyst magazine, I have several challenges ahead of me. This blog post is one of them!

What challenges does the coming year hold for the rest of us in IT? The technology landscape is changing quickly, as new technologies emerge and others converge (see Gartner’s predictions). Harnessing the power of technology has more impact on your business than ever, but using resources wisely is critical. Dell Catalyst magazine is a resource to help mid-size businesses form a plan of action, so visit often. In addition to our online and Catalyst digital editions, we’ll be posting each month on Direct2Dell to provide you with practical advice to help you make the best technology decisions for a mid-sized business.

Joining me on this blog, and in the pages of upcoming issues of Catalyst, will be members of our Enterprise Technologists team and other subject matter experts from Dell. These are the folks with 20+ years of experience who deal with the real-world problems of our customers every day. People like Pat Woodward, David Reoch, and Ron Hyde understand your concerns and your aspirations, and they will be here to share their expertise.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our first issue of 2012, focusing on the topic of unified storage. Find out how Brazilian company 24\7 Inteligência Digital implemented dynamically tiered storage to manage its overflowing library of digital media assets. Also get more details on Dell’s Fluid Data Architecture and on improving your backup and recovery processes.

Look for upcoming issues and blogs to cover virtualization, server performance, cloud and IT services, networking, mobility, systems management and more.

What’s your challenge for 2012? We’d like to hear from you – post your suggestions and comments below.

About the Author: Sue Fogarty