Dell Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women's Day Today marks the global observance for International Women’s Day (IWD) which began in 1911 with a world-wide celebration recognized by the United Nations. In China, Russia and many former Soviet bloc countries, it is a celebration that surpasses the importance of Mother's Day that is primarily celebrated in the U.S.

At Dell, part of being a responsible corporate citizen is recognizing and celebrating differences and similarities. The Global Diversity team selects key global events such as IWD- International Women’s Day to help educate, inform and inspire employees.

So, what is it that makes International Women's Day so special?

  • International Women's Day is about human rights being applied equally to women, men, girls and boys. 
  • It is about teaching girls to stay in school rather than sending them to get married before they are even teenagers.
  • It is also about self-sufficiency for single mothers through micro-loans and counseling programs, rather than grinding poverty.
  • It is about access to medical care to avoid the scourge of HIV/AIDS and other rampant illnesses. 

It is about hope for the future and the celebration of women's achievements world-wide. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we also celebrate the entire month with a theme focused on “Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet”

Our US Women’s Employee Networking Group; Women in Search of Excellence (WISE) will be hosting an informative event later this month for our employees to celebrate Women’s History Month. For more information about Dell’s diversity efforts, click here. So, what are your thoughts about celebrating women? Weigh in on the things you are doing to help the women at Dell and around the world live their best lives and save our planet.

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About the Author: Jacque Young