Dell Cloud Client Computing launches public beta of Project Stratus

Today Dell Cloud Client Computing is launching the public beta of Project Stratus. The public beta will make Project Stratus available to existing Dell Wyse customers and partners for trial periods of 30 days. Companies interested in participating in the beta program can register on the Project Stratus web page. The solution is being showcased at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco, today through August 29th in the Dell Wyse Booth 1412 at Moscone Center.

Project Stratus is a comprehensive cloud-based management console that is geared at helping enterprises thrive in a world of “Consumerized IT” where corporate and consumer technologies intermingle. It empowers employees with the highest productivity and the best user experience, while giving IT organizations the required control to allow them to welcome employee owned devices into the enterprise. Through its unified, cloud-based console, IT administrators will be able to to securely manage user devices as well as deliver applications and services to their users across a variety of scenarios; in office, mobile and remote, corporate owned and managed, user owned and self-service.

“As the BYOD trend expands the private or public cloud access paradigm beyond PCs to include mobile devices of all types, and organizations start to adopt other consumer technologies like apps, we see IT needing the ability to rapidly adapt and embrace new end user service delivery models,” says Hector Angulo, Product Manager for Project Stratus at Dell. “Project Stratus was designed to provide this agility in a simple, secure and cost-effective package – if IT needs to manage end user devices, they can; if all they care about is managing how corporate data and apps are delivered regardless of device, it supports that too.”

Image 1: Unified, user-centric platform.

Dell Wyse Project Stratus - Unified, user-centric platform

Image 2: Intuitive administrator dashboard, real-time alerts and detailed audit trails.

Dell Wyse Project Stratus - Admin Dashboard

In its first release this fall, Project Stratus will deliver capabilities in four core areas: Systems Management, Application and Content Management, End User Self-Service and Real-time Reporting and Alerts. Key benefits will include:

  • Simple. Streamlined, discoverable interface with user-centric policy management to help automate user access regardless of the device, including easy exception handling – natural and intuitive management for today’s dynamic IT world
  • TCO reduction. Cloud-hosted service eliminates costly on-premise servers and enables instant deployment and scaling – to drastically reduce the total cost of operations and ownership
  • Real-time analytics. Dynamic and instantly personalized data feeds always present administrators with the most relevant insight to help expedite the task at hand – a powerful analytic engine exposes the most important activities, events and trends
  • Actionable. Pro-active alerts notify administrators about compliance violations and other potential issues with the option to take contextual actions in-place (e.g., warn user, block, ignore) or automate future mitigation (e.g., automatically approve roaming exception request for all members of ‘executive’ group)
  • Time-saving. User and device pages that provide instant visibility into any managed asset, including who is using the device, what it is interacting with, and any potential performance or security issues in order to expedite issue identification and resolution
  • Unified console. Visibility and management of all devices used in the enterprise, with support for smartphones, tablets, thin clients, and zero clients — one-stop shop for all devices, with no more hassle of dealing with many consoles
  • Secure. Enterprise-ready, multi-tenant architecture with fully encrypted communication ensures only you have access to your data

Project Stratus is being showcased at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco, today through August 29th in the Dell Wyse Booth #1412 at the Moscone Center. Companies interested in learning more or participating in the beta program can visit

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