Dell Cloud Client Computing Technology Partner Program – More Value for our Joint Customers & Channels

Only six months ago, that Dell announced the Cloud Client Computing technology partner ecosystem as part of the Dell Technology Partner Program.  At that time, the ecosystem included eight partners whose technologies were integrated, tested and certified with the Dell Desktop Virtualizations Solutions and  Dell Wyse cloud clients, virtualization, management and cloud software and services portfolio.

The interaction with these partners over the past few months has provided us a unique perspective and better understanding of their requirements and enabled us to quickly capitalize on developing the next phase of our comprehensive program dedicated to delivering substantially greater value to our customers.

The primary goal of the Dell Cloud Client Computing Technology Partner Program is creating value for our customers and channel partners. This unwavering focus has enabled us to continue to identify and develop additional other high value technology partnerships and deliver many of the certified technology solutions that are critical for the success of our customers.  Over the past six months, we have more than doubled the numbers of partners in our program in areas such as Security, BYOD, Unified Communication, Application Management/Provisioning, User Experience Optimization, and Storage Optimization. When you bring these technologies together in an orchestrated way, the combined solutions become greater than the sum of the parts.

Take for example, our government and healthcare customers who are able to work through security requirements, privacy regulations and budget constraints by virtualizing a department or business function using Dell DVS reference architectures and the certified 3rd party technologies. The value of this effort is illustrated in the recently published  customer case study that demonstrates the value of the Dell ‘complete solution’ offering that fully addresses our customer business requirements.

In addition to the value of bringing together these complimentary technologies into a certified portfolio, there are other benefits including: cross training our sales and engineering/architecting teams, more fully documenting our joint solutions in case studies and reference architectures, and enabling the customers to purchase these complete solutions on a single purchase order.  Close alignment between our partners’ and the Dell Cloud Client Computing sales team, enables us to deliver the most comprehensive and simple solutions, as well as full deployment proof of concept evaluations and ongoing support.

If you are a complimentary technology company, take a second to review the Dell Cloud Client Computing Technology Partner Program requirements and benefits, register your company to participate, and work with us to develop additional world class solutions for our joint customers.

For the current listing and more information about our certified Tier 2 and Tier 1 Dell Cloud Client Computing technology partners along with the requirements and benefits; please visit:  and

About the Author: Phil Pavay