Dell Cloud Portfolio: Leading the Enterprise Infrastructure Transformation

Last February, I posted a blog The Dell Cloud Portfolio: Pushing the Limits of the Cloud highlighting the many offerings from Dell’s Cloud Portfolio. I am pleased to once again highlight the various solutions from Dell supporting the needs and wants from our global customer base.

We are currently focusing our efforts on delivering customers a variety of cloud solutions that meet their business needs. As you can see in the diagram below, Dell believes in both private and public solutions as well as hybrid mixtures providing enterprise customers a high degree of flexibility in supporting customers, partners, and employees.

Public Cloud

In the public cloud space, Dell provides customers with an enterprise proven, scalable solution based on VMware’s vCloud technology. Our public vCloud is currently available in three datacenters in the United States and Europe supporting North and South America and the European marketplace. Customers can instantly purchase vCloud bundles from our web or contact their Dell sales representative. Be on the lookout in early 2013 as we expand our global footprint into Asia.

Dell also recently announced at Dell World 2012 in December our development efforts in creating an OpenStack based public cloud. This project is actively underway in close engagement with the open source community. In fact, Dell is a founding member of OpenStack with representatives on the Foundation and many employees with significant OpenStack experience. I will blog frequently on our public OpenStack solution as we move through the year with various beta trials leading to our final release for public consumption.

Having two public cloud choices for enterprise customers is a priority for Dell to support the needs of our customer base. Both technologies are in high demand with our customers and supporting customer choice in cloud platform sets us apart in the marketplace.

 Private Cloud

In the private cloud market, Dell offers a variety of technology solutions and access mechanisms to again provide significant customer choice and flexibility:

Other Clouds

In addition to Private and Public clouds, Dell offers a variety of additional products and services to meet customer needs:

Dell also launched a new program, Dell Cloud Labs at Dell World 2012 where new solutions are created and built in the public with direct customer engagement. We encourage active participation in these projects and are currently focusing on our experimental PaaS solution, Fast PaaS from the Cloud Foundry open source community.

As you can see, Dell continues to expand our cloud portfolio by creating a complete set of enterprise proven, highly scalable and secure products. I strongly encourage you to contact your Dell sales representative or get in touch with Dell via our website.

About the Author: Stephen Spector