on a Phone Near You

Many of you have seen that we recently launched a Dell mobile site. You can get there by going to from your mobile device. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to access and purchase Dell products and services from a broad range of mobile devices. Even though we haven't begun a formal marking push, we're already seeing several  thousands of  visitors per day.

One thing you'll notice is that our site offers almost all of the products and services that we offer on the main website.  In addition, we spent time to make sure that the site worked on the broadest set of handsets possible. Many of our competitors like HP and Apple don't offer mobile-optimized versions of their websites. If you're not on a smartphone with full web capabilities, in most cases, you're out of luck. If you are on a smartphone, by the way, you can easily browse the full version of by the "View Full PC Site" option. You can bookmark the full version of too if that's the one you want to access on a regular basis.

From the Dell mobile site, you can make a purchase by going through a simple credit card purchase process. Initially, we didn't think many customers would complete the whole process completely on a mobile device, but they have been. Customers are buying from the mobile site with Dell Mini netbooks leading the charge.

Going forward, we have additional services that we're working toward that include adding  more account features offering unique deals on the mobile site.

Do you have some ideas about what functionality would be useful to you on our mobile site?

If so, share them here or on IdeaStorm under the Broadband & Mobility category. We're looking for any smartphone and mobile app ideas that simplify mobile site navigation, the process of browsing product content, streamline the purchase process and even more advanced smartphone functions like location-aware functionality. 

If you don't have specific ideas, we'd also welcome your feedback on mobile apps that you find useful in terms of navigating through product information or purchasing via your mobile phone. Are there some examples of Google, iPhone or Blackberry apps that stand out in this regard?

About the Author: Bhavna Godhania