Dell Connected Security Adds new Products That Help Erase Network Threats

Our customers tell us that network security and compliance are among their biggest concerns these days, with the increasing use of BYOD and the cloud their biggest source of worry. Lack of control over cloud-based applications, disparate authentication methods, as well as uncertainty over the depth of a cloud provider’s security practices make it difficult to prove compliance to auditors. Employees’ network access via personal devices introduces potential threats from malware embedded in downloaded apps on the device, as well as the possibility of lost phones or tablets, which aren’t so difficult to breach these days. Added to that is the potential inside threat from disgruntled or careless employees, and it’s no wonder that security and compliance concerns loom so large.

The bottom line is that data is a company’s competitive advantage and must be secured to minimize risk and maintain business continuity, so organizations must safeguard critical business resources from every possible entry point. The good news is that Dell’s strategy of connecting security to the infrastructure, information and applications that are critical to the organization positions us very well to help our customers do just that.

Dell’s Connected Security model ─ embed, detect and protect, and respond and predict ─ protects the entire IT landscape, and enables both visibility and security from every entry point. This lifecycle approach to security ─ inside out and outside in ─ from the device to the datacenter to the cloud, starts with products that have deep protection and control built in natively during manufacture. Next comes user identity and access management that provides strong access governance, privileged account management, identity administration, and user activity monitoring. Added to that are services that fortify security to better protect, predict and respond to threats, and, finally, protection of data wherever it goes ─ on the network, in the cloud or on mobile devices.

Today, Dell announces the release of four products that effectively address the complex security and compliance challenges of IT’s biggest imperatives ─ BYOD, cloud, network security and compliance. Building on Dell’s comprehensive Connected Security portfolio, and designed to provide seamless protection of data from endpoint to the datacenter to the cloud, these new and updated products are:

  • ChangeAuditor 6.0, which tracks, reports and alerts on vital configuration, user and administrative changes in real-time, detecting threats and patterns to enable a rapid response from any device in real time.
  • InTrust™ 10.7, which helps organizations address regulatory compliance and internal security through the secure real-time collection, compression and search of event logs.
  • One Identity Cloud Access Manager, which offers web-based access control through unified and secure single sign-on, helping organizations safely and effectively use both on-premise and cloud-based applications from multiple endpoints.
  • The Dell SonicWALL Network Security Appliance (NSA) 2600, which features Dell’s patented single-pass Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engine, and leverages the power of more than one million connected sensors around the world, so organizations can block the newest threats as they emerge.

It’s all part of Dell Connected Security, making it possible for organizations to be protected today and prepared for tomorrow, from endpoint to the data center to the cloud.

About the Author: Patrick Sweeney