Dell continues gains in server share according to multiple leading industry reports

The trend continues. For multiple quarters, Dell's enterprise business has grown and taken share from competitors. This is not only in the server business but across our portfolio of enterprise solutions. At Dell, our commitment is first and foremost to our customers. Our gains in the server market are directly tied to our engagement with customers, and our focus on customer-centric innovation. We feel strongly that this approach is what drives our successes in the marketplace.

The most recent data point of this trend comes from International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Q1 2013 Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, published this week. IDC’s research is the latest in a long string of similar results which demonstrate Dell's importance in the core of the data center. According to IDC's data, Dell experienced strong year-over-year growth in the x86 server market: In the Americas Dell gained 3.6 points of unit share, and in EMEA Dell gained 2.7 points. On a worldwide basis Dell grew revenue by10.1 percent year over year. Dell was one of only 2 vendors of the top five server makers Dell is the only company of the top five server makers to increase its sales and market share in the first quarter of 2013. Put simply, we’re gaining ground while most others are going in reverse.

Based on IDC's quarterly data, Dell is No. 1 in the density-optimized space too. We have the portfolio and business model that hyperscale customers are seeking, and we focus on innovation that adds true customer value.

With much of the future growth in servers expected to come from the hyperscale space, we are investing ahead of the curve in two key areas:

  • Technological Exploration: Developing future hyperscale data center solutions in collaboration with customers like eBay, with whom we launched the Evergreen Joint Innovation Center this week
  • Portfolio: Developing platforms that address the critical hyperscale workloads with plans to bring them to market prior to the next major Intel technology transition

Finally, Dell’s server business is aligned with trends in cloud computing – particularly private cloud. CIOs are increasingly creating private clouds to deliver applications that support mobile, analytics and social data, and to simulate and model new products to accelerate their delivery to market. Dell expects to support hundreds of these private clouds in 2013.

Next week at Dell Enterprise Forum, we will be showcasing our commitment to supporting our customers’ technology needs worldwide – all the way from the small business office to the hyperscale data center. I look forward to sharing more news with you from San Jose.

About the Author: Forrest Norrod