Dell Design Studio Keeps Rolling

It’s been a colorful week here at Dell, from my perspective at least. I’ve been involved with a couple of announcements that have put a spotlight on Dell Design Studio – that unique feature available only on that enables you to decorate your laptop or netbook to express your passion or style.

Yesterday Dell hit a homerun as we announced that each player on the All Star Teams, plus the coaching staffs, will receive a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 personalized with the All MLB Teams – Die Hard Fan artwork. Why would these guys be interested in the Mini 10? Well, a lot of players keep real time stats – both on themselves and opposing teams. Others, like Nick Swisher and Mark Teahen (& ESPY) are Tweeting from road, sharing their adventures and observations. For baseball fans, I would recommend one of two upgrades: a built-in TV tuner so you can catch over-the-air broadcasts of games on the go, OR for those of you who aspire to go on a “Field of Dreams” roadtrip, a Dell Mini 10 configured with built-in GPS with turn-by-turn navigation would likely come in handy (James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner not included).

Dell Mini 1012 - Major League Baseball

Lionel touched on another fun announcement last week – the addition of 11 Threadless designs to the 200+ collection of original works of art in Design Studio. I actually got to spend a gorgeous sunny afternoon with the guys from the Threadless Everywhere Tour on Pier 15 in San Francisco and became indoctrinated in the culture of Threadless (confession: I do not fall in their typical demographic, but have become a huge fan). My favorite part of the day was when they finally solved a technical issue with their PA system (rule number one: check to see if system is plugged in before you install the custom counter top), and one of the team put on a ShamWow-esque headset and started working the pedestrians, cyclists, taxi drivers, and anyone in general that he made direct eye contact. Putting that unmistakable upper-Midwest accent to work, he introduced Threadless as a company from “Chi-CA-go, Ill-a-NOIZ-a” (seriously) and invited them all to come and spin the Prize Wheel and register to win a new Dell Studio 15 customized with one of the Threadless designs. I scored a “Daisy” T-Shirt for my daughter (who DOES fall into the typical demographic). If you get a chance to visit the Threadless Trailer on the Threadless Everywhere Tour, I highly recommend you check it out – I believe the next stop is Comic-Con next week.

Finally, I want to congratulate all of the La Roja fans out there! This year’s World Cup was better than ever, and as a long time “soccer mom” I really enjoyed watching the different team play styles –almost as must as I enjoyed seeing how the fans expressed their team spirit. For those of you want to extend the celebration of Spain taking it all, I recommend you check out the El Toro design in the Anthem collection on Design Studio. Of course Oranje and Die Mannschaft fans can show their support as well. And for my colleague Gretel, who just moved with her family to Brazil (courtesy of Dell), I expect you to carry a Canarinho personalized system celebrating the upcoming 2014 World Cup to be played in her new “home” country.

Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 - El Toro Dell Inspiron Mini 12 - Anthem Netherlands

About the Author: Anne Camden