Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) announces further integration of datacenter components and Dell Wyse end points via a reference architecture for Microsoft Windows Server 2012

As part of its Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) offering, Dell is presenting a new Reference Architecture (RA) composed of Dell servers, storage, networking, software and end points running on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (WS 2012). This RA outlines a solution describing the design methodology behind a powerful, innovative and cost-effective end-to-end virtualized computing infrastructure, easily deployed into customers’ existing data centers, leveraging Dell and Microsoft solutions using Hyper-V, App-V and RemoteFX.

This DVS solution, part of Dell’s ongoing development of compelling desktop virtualization offerings has been validated for a variety of user workloads and profiles combining Terminal Services, pooled virtual machines (VMs) and Personal VMs. Based on the RA, Dell has also announced the availability of corresponding hardware components such as Dell PowerEdge 12G servers, Dell EqualLogic storage arrays and Dell Force10 top-of-rack (ToR) networking components, qualified to work on RemoteFX-certified Dell Wyse end points R10L, Z90D7 and X90m7. These components are available today for partners who wish to order and deploy the solution based on the RA and be ready from day 1 when Microsoft will officially launches Windows Server 2012. Dell makes it easy as a one-stop shop for all VDI components.

This DVS solution is ideal for Microsoft IT centric organizations focused on varied delivery methods ranging from Terminal Services to application virtualization to full desktop virtualization. Initially, the solution targets projects with 50 to 600 end users. Microsoft desktop virtualization solutions are particularly attractive for customers with strong contractual relationships in place that can take advantage of existing Microsoft licensing, such as customers in the education and government sector.

The key pillars for WS 2012 VDI and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) emphasize maximizing the efficient and simple management of virtual machines, with delivering best value for VDI and a rich end user experience everywhere. Customers can easily create and manage personal user disks, pooled VMs or simple desktop sessions while optimizing storage to improve or accelerate TCO. The end user gets a rich experience thanks to RemoteFX and DirectX 11 capabilities on the selected Dell Wyse end points. The solution is optimized when used in conjunction with Microsoft’s App-V and Hyper-V.

For customers with a strong partnership with Microsoft, the main benefit is a TCO optimization of desktop virtualization deployments that leverage existing Microsoft licenses. These customers are already familiar with implementing and managing technical IT solutions from Microsoft, enabling a faster deployment cycle of the Dell-Microsoft solution.

This RA is just another example of Dell and Microsoft’s long-standing collaboration to bring desktop and application virtualization solutions to customers that accelerate the evaluation and adoption cycles of Dell partners and customers. Expect other Dell DVS – Microsoft solutions to be announced in the future.

Partners attending the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this week in Toronto, Canada, can visit our booth #531 for a sneak peak of this RA in action with Dell Wyse end points.

Check out Dell’s the Reference Architecture by clicking the attached PDF below.

About the Author: Nicolas Cuendet