Dell Digital Business Services Joins MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy

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As part of Digital Business Services’ ongoing commitment to help our customers adopt a business-first approach to digital transformation, we have become a member of the Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) in the MIT Sloan School of Management.

People shake hands in an office meeting room to illustrate Dell Digital Business Services Joins MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy

This new association gives us exposure to MIT/Sloan’s in-depth research and analysis that will fortify our approach to digital.

The IDE is committed to breaking new ground in the study of the digital revolution and its profound impact on society, work, and the economy. It is developing a constant stream of research results on critical topics, organized around four key pillars, or subject areas:

Productivity, Employment, and Inequality

What will the workforce of the future look like? How can we accelerate the transformation of institutions, organizations, and human skills to keep up with the quickening pace of digital innovation?

New Digital Business Models

What new business models are made possible by digitalization? How can entrepreneurs more quickly implement them in ways that create widespread benefits?

Big Data

IDE believes the real power of big data lies not only in its scale, but also in its granularity. How can the fine-grained, real-time data now available be harnessed to answer age-old questions and identify new opportunities?                     

Social Analytics

How do new technologies and new means of social interaction impact productivity, consumer demand, political mobilization, and public health?

The IDE membership is an important step in the growth of Dell Digital Business Services. To learn more about how Dell Digital Business Services can help you in your Digital Transformation, visit us on the web, or follow us on Twitter.

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Topics in this article