Dell EMC Announces the Release of Isilon Generation 6 Platform and OneFS 8.1

Dell EMC Announces the Release of Isilon Generation 6 Platform and OneFS 8.1

We’ve just released our next generation hardware platform, featuring higher levels of performance, scale, and density. And, there’s a new, updated version of OneFS to go with it! Read on to learn more.

Generation 6 Platform

Isilon’s new Gen 6 platform, powered by Isilon OneFS 8.1, includes all-flash (F800), hybrid (H600, H500, H400), and archive storage (A2000, A200) systems that allow enterprise customers to take on more demanding unstructured data applications and gain new levels of performance.

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Isilon F800

Isilon all-flash scale-out NAS storage system delivers extreme performance and density for your most demanding unstructured data applications and workloads.

Isilon H600, H500, H400

Isilon hybrid systems are designed to provide a balance of performance, capacity, and value to support a wide range of file workloads. Our hybrid systems are an ideal choice for your high performance computing (HPC) applications and workloads that don’t require the extreme performance of the Isilon all-flash solution.

Isilon A2000, A200

Isilon archive systems are designed for the increasing need of efficient data archiving solutions where you can store and protect data for long-term retention.

Isilon OneFS 8.1

OneFS 8.1 includes support for the Generation 6 platform as well as these new features:

Automatic Replacement Recognition (ARR)

When replacing a drive in your OneFS cluster, the new ARR feature automatically recognizes, formats, and adds that drive to the cluster.

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CloudPools SmartLink Files

Your CloudPools SmartLink file version data is now stored and checked during NDMP Backup and NDMP Restore operations.

EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS)

We added support for ESRS Gateway Server Release 3.x.


Starting with OneFS 8.1, your Isilon software and hardware licensing is handled through the Dell EMC Software Licensing Central (SLC) system.


Smartpools features updates to L3 cache, node class, solid state drive, and quota settings.

OneFS Simulator

You can now install the OneFS Simulator using an OVA file.

CloudPools Documentation

Looking for the 411 on CloudPools content? Check out the OneFS CloudPools Administration Guide.

HDFS Documentation

The new OneFS with HDFS Reference Guide has everything you need to know about Isilon’s implementation of HDFS.

CLI Command Documentation

You can now find the CLI command content in the OneFS CLI Command Reference document.

More information

To learn more, check out the Isilon Generation 6 Platform Info Hub or OneFS 8.1 InfoHub. There you’ll find collections of related content, including release notes, guides, videos, and links to EMC Community Network (ECN) blog posts and discussions.

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