Dell Introduces Availability of New and Updated Systems and Reference Architectures; Industry-Leading Benchmarks at SAP TechEd

In today’s highly competitive business climate, immediate access to and analysis of operational data can determine the success of an organization. With big data and analytics at the forefront of many business leaders’ minds, data production is growing and analytics are becoming more crucial. In 2020, it’s estimated that data production will be 44x greater than it was in 2009, and the amount of high-value data worth analyzing will double.[1] With these customer needs in mind, Dell and SAP are continuing their 10+ years of collaboration, and further streamlining advanced analytics processes to give customers quick access to actionable insights. This week at SAP TechEd, we’re proud to showcase industry-leading systems and expert services that help our customers stay competitive.

Dell Validated System for SAP HANA Edge, available next month

To help mid-market companies make the most of their data analytics, Dell is the first to offer customers a fully integrated appliance with the newly packaged SAP HANA Edge edition, advanced version and SAP Predictive Analytics. First announced at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016, the Dell Validated System for SAP HANA Edge will begin its worldwide rollout in October.  The system speeds turnaround time for new reports and synchronizes data (regardless of the source) to dramatically reduce the cost of gaining business insights. The Dell Validated System for SAP HANA Edge includes SAP’s predictive analytics libraries native to SAP HANA, SAP Predictive Analytics with advanced data modeler capabilities, and services from Dell to deliver rapid time to value. The point-and-click interface makes it easy to use for business users, analysts and data scientists. Additionally, Dell helps customers deploy, implement, migrate, support and train with Dell ProDeploy, ProSupport and custom service offerings.

Dell Validated System for SAP HANA Scale-Out, Now on Intel Broadwell Servers

For larger enterprises, the newest release of the Dell Validated Systems for SAP HANA v.4.1 is now running on the latest PowerEdge R930 server with the Intel®Xeon®Processor E7v4 Broadwell Product Family – the industry’s fastest server for running SAP workloads.[2] Designed and engineered for maximum performance, this system supports ongoing growth and system expansion with its modular scalability. The system supports real-time planning, decision making and continuous forecasting; end-to-end traceability; research & development; enterprise asset management; and business application acceleration. The latest update delivers more performance per node for analytics, as well as more capacity for SAP business applications and business analytics, new lower cost offerings for smaller environments and updated operating system support.  With its real-time analytics and insights, Dell Validated Systems for SAP HANA can change the way a business operates and translate to a competitive advantage for customers.

Leading the Industry in Speed and Performance

Dell continues to develop industry-leading systems for SAP workloads, and the proof is in the numbers. The Dell PowerEdge R930 server, running on the latest Intel®Xeon®Processor E7v4 Broadwell Product Family, holds industry-leading benchmarks in a number of categories, proving that it is the fastest server for running SAP workloads:

  • SAP business warehouse edition for SAP HANA Standard Application Benchmark. Dell is the first and only industry partner to complete a benchmark test in this new category, achieving in the 1.3 billion initial records category, the following results: 21,473 seconds runtime of the data load/transformation phase, 1,972 query executions per hour on 102,183,318,183 selected records, and 202 seconds total runtime of the complex query phase.[3]
  • SAP BW-AML (Business Warehouse Advance Mixed Load) Benchmark at 2 billion records: Dell holds the industry’s leading record in this category, coming in at 33,500 advanced navigation steps per hour. [4]
  • SAP BW-AML Benchmark at 4 billion records: Dell holds the industry’s leading record in this category, coming in at 18,440 advanced navigation steps per hour. [5]

Enabling Predictive Maintenance for Manufacturers with Dell, SAP and ifm

Sensors have had a presence on shop floors for decades, but in most cases, the data collected is limited, and often never analyzed to gain operational efficiency insights. Today, Dell is unveiling a new reference architecture, designed in collaboration with SAP and ifm efector, inc., that aims to provide manufacturers with the insights they need to conduct predictive maintenance on their equipment, allowing them to avoid unnecessary maintenance or detrimental machine failures.

This new reference architecture brings together ifm sensors to detect issues such as vibration, temperature, oil contamination, flow of lubrication, and humidity; Dell Edge Gateways and Edge Device Manager to collect, analyze, relay and act on that data;  SAP Dynamic Edge Processing and SAP IoT Intelligent Edge running on the gateway  to analyze the machine data in real time and send relevant events to the data center; and Dell Validated System for SAP HANA running SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS) to identify granular patterns that predict equipment failures earlier. As a reference architecture, this is a jointly engineered, fully validated and recommended configuration, but is flexible to meet a diverse set of customer needs.

Dell’s systems for SAP HANA are just one example of how the two companies’ unique partnership delivers orchestrated innovation, increased return on investment, and breakthrough results for our joint customers.  Dell’s commitment to helping customers navigate SAP HANA goes well beyond providing products and solutions. With a focus on future-ready enterprises, in 2015, Dell built a Global SAP Center of Excellence in Germany to foster even tighter partnership and greater co-innovation with SAP. This heightened level of collaboration has led to a number of industry-leading benchmarks, purpose-built solutions, and exceptional customer results.

 Solving complex data center problems starts by partnering with an industry leader. With the broadest technology portfolio, Dell delivers solutions for customers’ most complex challenges in every region of the world.

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[2] The Dell PowerEdge R930 leads the industry in SAP BW-AML and Standard Application benchmarks

About the Author: JP Gotter

JP Gotter has spent nearly 20 years focused on the SAP business, developing a deep knowledge of SAP products and technology. Based in Germany, he has been at Dell for over five years and currently heads the Global SAP Center of Excellence.