Navigating “the deep” without Periling – Dell OEM Onboard with Smart Martime Council

On behalf of Dell OEM, I was delighted to participate in the inaugural meeting of the Smart Maritime Council earlier this month. As the maritime industry continues its digital transformation journey, advances in connectivity and digitization are taking seafarers into deep, uncharted waters with deep automation, deep analytics, deep learning, deep artificial intelligence and deep trust with the blockchain!

New industry forum provides knowledge sharing platform

The shipping industry is desperate for trusted navigators to chart a course for these technology enablers, all of which will deliver real transformational power. And so, when the industry’s ecosystem comes together to ensure that shipping companies’ real-world operational requirements are driving the development of big data, the Industrial Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, and secured ledgers, we transform into real shipmates. Actually, I think “shipmates” is a great analogy to describe the work being carried out by the Smart Maritime Network. Together, we are exploring common goals and the standardization of IT systems for the shipping sector. In this endeavor, we’re all guided by the same compass, working to support both shipowners and operators.

Simplifying the route to customer value and sustainable competitive advantage

Whether it’s using the blockchain to secure customs transactions, data management tools for logistics and scheduling planning, real-time equipment monitoring for predictive maintenance, video surveillance for safety and risk management or IoT analytics to ensure cold chain reefer managements, as an industry, we are working together to make it smooth sailing, simplifying the route to customer value and sustainable competitive advantage.

Looking to the horizon

In my book, it’s critically important that shipping companies’ benefit from the new opportunities afforded by technology. This collaboration is exactly why Dell OEM is proud to be one of the founding partners of the Smart Maritime Network and Council. We plan to hold a further five meetings during 2019 in different global maritime centers. The outcomes from these meetings will be shared with the wider maritime industry through a series of four regional conferences to be held throughout the year, beginning in Athens on May 9. Watch this space – it’s all hands now on deck!

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About the Author: Mary Etienne

A business and technology leader with over 30-years’ IT industry experience in senior sales and management roles with Fortune 500 companies, Mary Etienne is Business Development Director at Dell EMC OEM where she leads the marine industries vertical. Enabling the industry with transformational technology and compute platforms continues to be one of Dell EMC OEM’s most exciting journeys as big data, sensors and communication, artificial intelligence, M2M, deep learning, the industrial Internet of Things and cloud technologies propel the industry into its “Marine 4.0” digital future. Our heritage, scale and marine-ready IT infrastructure have made Dell EMC the marine industry’s most complete technology provider across the entire value chain for enabling tomorrow’s smart ships, offshore oil & gas installations, renewable energy structures and the operational and services infrastructures supporting the entire ecosystem. Dell OEM Solutions and our partners help companies speed time to market and evolve their business model by simplifying today’s complex, connected world addressing trends like the Internet of Things, mobility, cloud, security and data analytics.