Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances: Expanded Capacity and Performance with DDOS 7.2

Since the successful introduction of PowerProtect DD Series Appliances to the market last September, our engineers have been hard at work improving our software. We are pleased to announce some new features and higher levels of performance coming to the product line today. This spring we have been working on a number of improvements to PowerProtect DD that we can’t wait to share with you, so let’s get to it!

Dell EMC PowerProtect DD9900

In this data driven world we are faced with explosive data growth that needs protecting, and PowerProtect DD Series Appliances are here to help. When we introduced PowerProtect DD9900 last September the top-end usable capacity per appliance was 1.25PB. Today, we are proud to announce that the 1.25PB has been expanded to support 1.5PB in a single rack. When factoring in up to 65x data deduplication, PowerProtect DD9900 can now manage up to 97.5PB of data in a single rack.

Not only did PowerProtect DD get bigger as part of this release, it also got faster. With the introduction of DDOS 7.2, we are seeing an increase in peak restore performance by up to 25% when compared to DDOS 7.1.* Taking this a step further, when pairing DD9900 and DDOS 7.2, restore speeds have increased by up to 45% when compared to running DDOS 7.2 on DD9800.**

Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (DDVE)

Continuing with the theme of bigger and faster, PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition now delivers up to 3.1x faster in-cloud restore performance when compared to DDOS 7.1 when deployed in AWS, Azure and GCP public clouds, to help you meet business SLAs for multi-cloud deployments.*** DDVE now supports M5 instances in AWS, allowing you to take advantage of the power and efficiency of these latest instances and their increased region coverage. Lastly, we improved TCO for certain workloads that are backed up using dense markers, such as Oracle databases in the public cloud, by reducing the metadata growth. Powering all these values are our engineering innovation and product investments. Who said you can’t get bigger and faster?

DDOS 7.2 and PowerProtect DD Management Center (DDMC)

When we launched PowerProtect DD last September we made sure that all the appliances were cloud-enabled to meet the current and future needs of our customers. With this release, we are extending Dell EMC Cloud Tier support to AWS Gov Cloud, expanding our list of supported clouds for long-term retention.

Not only did we make sure our appliances were cloud enabled, we made them easy to manage. PowerProtect DD Management Center (DDMC) is a complimentary download for all customers when purchasing PowerProtect DD. DDMC provides a single point of management for PowerProtect DD and Data Domain appliances on-prem, at remote sites or in the public cloud. This hybrid, multi-cloud management capability can further reduce operational costs.

This release of DDMC is highlighted by the introduction of scheduled multi-systems upgrades to manage your environment at scale. Prior to this update, upgrading a DD appliance involved manually upgrading every appliance. With DDOS 7.2 we now give you the ability to schedule multi-system upgrades from DDMC. A precheck option is also included to help ensure that the upgrades go smoothly.

When logged into DDMC you have the option to view all of your DD appliances under management. Simply perform a precheck within DDMC to make sure your hardware and software are compatible with the most recent DDOS. Once the precheck has been validated within your environment distribute the DDOS upgrade to all compatible models. Streamlining the upgrade process with this automated one-to-many approach will surely save time for all IT departments involved.

This release for DDMC also includes simpler management with the ability to customize your home dashboard with systems grouping by location and or function. For customers who want to break out PowerProtect DD by company functions such as finance and engineering resources they can now do that. The same holds true for customers who want to view their PowerProtect DD appliances by location. If needed, DDMC can provide an aggregate view of your environment, but DDMC now allows you to break out your appliances by location or functional area, giving you the ability to view your systems in groupings that fit the way you do business. Managing multiple PowerProtect DD and Data Domain appliances has never been easier.

For systems onboarding at scale, DDMC introduces the capability to build configuration templates from a golden main system and roll out that same configuration to other systems. Once you have configured your PowerProtect DD standard template, simply apply that template to all new models in your environment. If a new PowerProtect DD appliance is brought online without the desired template applied the administrator will get a notification that this device is not compliant with the standard template you have configured.

This May’s release was packed with enhancements. If you have any questions about this release, make sure to follow up with your account rep to learn more. If you would like to learn more about PowerProtect DD Series Appliances check us out online. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for up to date information on the Dell Technologies Data Protection Portfolio.

*Based on Dell EMC Internal testing with NFS protocol on DD9900 with DDOS 7.2 vs DD9900 and DDOS 7.1, April 2020. Actual results may vary

**Based on Dell EMC Internal testing with DD Boost protocol on DD9900 with DDOS 7.2 vs. DD9800 with DDOS 7.2, April 2020. Actual results may vary.

***Based on Dell EMC internal testing comparing DDVE in-cloud restore performance with DDOS 7.2 compared to DDOS 7.1, May 2020 Actual results may vary.

About the Author: David Tye

David is a California native, born and raised in the Bay Area with a passion for technology. Upon graduating from a local university, David was hired on to the Dell Technologies Marketing team full-time. Over the past few years, David’s focus has been on a variety of data protection products and services. Outside of work, David enjoys spending time in the outdoors and watching sports.