Dell Enterprise Mobility Management Wins ‘Best of Interop’ Award

Logo: Best of Interop 2014 - Mobility WinnerIn talking with customers about Dell Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), I’ve used a variety of words to explain how we’re different, including “end-to-end,” “prescriptive,” “holistic,” “comprehensive,” flexible” and “integrated.” Now, I can add a new descriptor: “award-winning,” after being named “Best of Interop 2014” in the Mobility category.

The Best of Interop awards recognize companies that have made significant technological advancements in nine major categories, consisting of Mobility, Cloud, Data Center, Management, Networking, Performance, SDN, Security and Storage. We’re thrilled to be chosen for making the most significant impact in the mobility space as it validates all the research, customer visits and internal testing we’ve done to bring a highly differentiated mobility enablement solution to market.

In describing Dell EMM, one of the judges, Andrew Conry-Murray, noted how “Dell EMM throws as wide a net as it can cast around both smartphones and that most old-fashioned of mobile devices—the laptop (desktops too).” He went on to say, “Dell’s comprehensive approach makes for a practical, integrated set of tools. It’s an end-to-end offering that few competitors can match.”

We appreciate the fact that the Best of Interop judges recognized what has been echoed time and time again by customers who see the value of using an end-to-end solution instead of disparate tools to address diverse, dispersed and multi-OS environments.

This prestigious industry recognition is gratifying, especially now that Dell EMM is widely available and gaining traction with customers—those who are just getting started with mobility and those who are replacing early mobility solutions that either didn’t provide the level of security needed or the end-user experience they wanted. Regardless of where customers are in their mobility adoption cycle, they all want a unified solution that enables them to secure and manage mobile devices, laptops and desktops, along with the container-based workspaces on them.

The common thread in our customer conversations is the overarching demand for a common set of policies for managing apps, devices, data and user identities. Corporate IT wants a single place to go to manage both corporate- and employee-owned mobile and fixed endpoints. Our holistic view of mobility extends beyond devices to address how data is secured, accessed, shared, retained and protected.

This gives us a broader view of the role mobility plays in today’s environments. It also provides a different perspective, which has proven instrumental in developing Dell EMM. We’re proud of our accomplishments and recognition, and we are mostly eager to demonstrate how Dell EMM stands out from the competition in terms of security, console consolidation, breadth, integration, industry-leading IP and services.

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About the Author: Tom Kendra