Dell EqualLogic DR technology for small businesses

If you are the IT administrator for a small business, you probably don't have the time you'd like to research and evaluate storage and DR products. In that case, Dell would like to make it much simpler for you.

The award winning Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN storage product line has a full range of of DR capabilities built-in that will help you get your hands around disaster recovery for your most important applications.  Integrated snapshots for Microsoft applications make it very easy to schedule data protection for Exchange, SQL Server and Windows servers.  Our totally virtualized storage is an excellent match for VMware and other virtual server environments too.

One of the best things about Dell EqualLogic iSCSI storage is the fully-featured embedded software functionality that is part of the system. There is no nickel-and-diming with Dell EqualLogic storage.  You get everything in one package – and that includes all future software upgrades.  For instance, we recently added integrated, crash consistent snapshot support for Exchange to our arrays and that software is available as a free download from our support site to all our customers.

About the Author: Marc Farley