Dell Events donated hotel award points to help the Boys & Girls Club of America, a Dell YouthConnect recipient

What happens to all of those ‘Free’ hotel points you accumulate during events?  Right now, nothing.

Dell Events is very proud to announce we can now donate our hotel reward points accumulated during events to Boys & Girls Club of America, Wounded Warriors Project and other Dell Giving approved non-profit organizations.  These organizations were selected because they align with key Dell Giving and Corporate initiatives.  The Boys and Girls Club is a Dell YouthConnect recipient and Wounded Warriors Project is a program serving wounded US Veteran’s, a key diversity target.  Both organizations are Dell customers.

How does this work?  Often during an event hotels offer award points per the number of hotel rooms contracted.  The number of contracted hotel rooms is then offered as award points in the form of the following:

  1. Discount applied to final bill
  2. Donation made to Boys & Girls Club of America, Wounded Warrior Project or other Dell Giving approved non-profit organizations

In most cases, option one is not offered by the hotel, which then allows a donation to be made to the Boys & Girls Club of America (or another Dell Giving approved non-profit organization).  The donation provided by Dell will be used to support the children and adults with travel, attendance at youth leadership conferences, hotel visits and anything else that is needed.    Regardless of either option, this is an easy and impactful win-win opportunity for Dell to make a direct impact on many lives.

To help join in the donation process with your event, the Dell Events Team has set up several accounts with hotel large properties (i.e. Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, etc.)  In order to donate, the award needs to be specifically on the Dell Event account established as this will make the biggest donation at the end of the year.  The key to obtaining award points is during the hotel contracting phase of your event.  For more information on the award point opportunities, (i.e. processes, account numbers, etc.) please contact us here.

About the Author: Lauren Lockett