Dell First to Achieve 80 PLUS Titanium PSU Energy Efficiency

A reporter at The Register once remarked that he suspected “….Michael Dell himself weeps a single tear of amber when you drop a paper coffee cup into the trash” in an article about Dell’s commitment to energy efficiency and corporate sustainability.

Although I haven’t seen this phenomenon personally, I agree with the underlying sentiment, which is that Dell has a clear focus on energy efficiency. From the component level through deployment, helping our customers gain efficiency throughout their data center ecosystem is a huge priority.

This month Dell became the first in our industry to achieve 80 PLUS Titanium-certification for a server power supply. Underlining our commitment to efficiency, Dell has a long-standing tradition of leadership in this space. With our portfolio of Platinum certified PSUs and having been first to achieve Gold certification almost five years ago, we are putting our money where our mouth is.

The 80 PLUS certification enables manufacturers and customers to compare and contrast power supplies based on established criteria from Energy Star and the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. Dell’s new 80 PLUS Titanium power supply was developed jointly with Delta Electronics Inc, a PSU manufacturer that was able to meet Dell’s stringent engineering specifications and aggressive timeframe. 

80 PLUS had this to say about the achievement. “We applaud Dell for being first to achieve certification with a 96% efficient, 80 PLUS Titanium-level power supply in their data center servers,” said Gregg Hardy, VP of Policy and Research at the 80 PLUS Program. “Dell has set an all-time high milestone for the computer industry. As other manufacturers follow Dell’s lead to incorporate the most efficient power supplies in their products, the result will ultimately be a significant reduction in energy use in the computer industry and for the end-use customers.” 

Dell PowerEdge servers, already among the industry’s most energy-efficient, have been designed to consume up to 26 percent less energy than previous generations. In fact, in just ten years, Dell PowerEdge servers have increased performance per Watt 101x! That’s enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye.

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