When great things come together, great things happen: Dell Fluid File System + Dell Compellent

First, we introduced Dell's Fluid File System (FluidFS), built to unify block and file storage and provide customers with the tools necessary to manage file data.  FluidFS removed the scalability limitations associated with traditional file systems.

Next, we integrated the FluidFS technology with Compellent hardware to deliver exceptional performance and value in a solution built to meet customer needs today and for years to come.  This intelligent and highly scalable appliance uses the agile, shared infrastructure that Compellent is known for.

Now combine these two with the latest version of FluidFS version 3, and you will see that great things are happening.The key value of FluidFS v3 + the Compellent solution lies in its efficiency.  Performance isn’t lost as the system grows. In fact, take a look at the OPS numbers that were achieved in a recent SPECsfs filing, showing that not only does FluidFS outperform the leading vendor, but it is also at 1/3 less the cost. 

FluidFS v3 enhances the scale-out and performance capabilities needed to meet the needs of multi-petabyte performance-intensive workloads.  As the amount of unstructured data increases and as the system grows, managing the system doesn’t become more complex, indicating significantly less overhead as compared to other storage vendors.

FluidFS v3 can increase this inherently efficient file storage environment with features like industry-leading Fluid Data Reduction with policy-based variable block deduplication and compression, enhanced file protocol support, file-level thin provisioning and thin volume cloning.  Meanwhile, Compellent continues to optimize the efficiency of the backend storage array for data-intensive workloads.

Dell’s quest to deliver enterprise-class file storage solutions that help customers better accommodate the growth of unstructured data is met and continues to make great things happen. Combining these two great technologies and great outcomes are sure to follow.  Be sure to read just how great performance can be on the SPECsfs blog.

Check out all the FluidFS goodness at the Dell Enterprise Forum. Join the conversation @DellEntForum and let us know how you plan to optimize your scale-out and performance capabilities.

About the Author: Judy Benson

Judy is the Dell EMC PowerEdge server team Program Manager. She likes nothing better than telling others what to do and when to do it. She has spent most of her career at Dell in various roles, but came to marketing in 2008 and has never looked back. The first 2 years she was the Dell Storage team program manager before switching roles to storage product marketing. She was completely blown away by how hard it was to actually be creative and fill a blank piece of paper with words and content. However, she must have liked it a little, because she did it for several years before moving the server team and back into project management. Did I mention she has her PMP (Project Manager Professional) certification? Now, she sits back and laughs at everyone when they complain about the massive amounts of marketing content work they have to do, while she exploits her true talent of being bossy.