Dell Global Services: We’re Listening

the past year, many of our business customers have shared candid feedback
through our support specialists and in places like IdeaStorm and Direct2Dell
about Dell's technical support solutions. 
You tell us what we're doing well, and in many cases, what we need to
change.  I'm here to tell you that we're
listening, and we're finding ways to act.

given us many ideas, and we're taking time to consider all of them.  Here are three suggestions that you've made
loud and clear:

  • Simplify the purchase
    IdeaStorm user beefman and many others have told us to simplify the purchase process for
    Dell products and support solutions. 
    Beefman described the current "multilayered, multitiered pricing
    structure" as "immensely confusing today" and urged Dell to "simplify!"
  • Skip the scripts and
    treat IT professionals as the professionals they are. 
    IdeaStorm user hipowerone and many others have asked Dell to differentiate between IT professionals and
    end users
    calling for technical support.  They've asked that Dell "get rid of the
    scripts" and mandatory troubleshooting for IT pros who call with a clear
    understanding of their problem – thus, saving time on the phone and helping to
    resolve the problem faster.
  • Make support services
    consistent globally. 
    IdeaStorm user xaerts, an IT manager for the European region of a
    multinational company, expressed the challenges associated with managing the IT
    needs of 15 different offices.  He
    suggested that Dell organize a more streamlined, global service and

heard you, and have made significant progress in giving you what you've asked
for.  Next week, Dell Global Services
will share more details on upcoming enhancements to our service offerings for
business customers of all sizes.

for your feedback… more to come soon.

About the Author: Cary Gumbert