Dell Helps SMBs Green Their Business and Reduce Energy Costs

This morning Dell shared with customers how energy-saving technology is more than environmental awareness but good business practice that can help run small and medium businesses more efficiently. Two Dell customers,  Earth Rangers and Robertson Homes, are great examples of the benefits of green technology. Read more about their stories below.  

Earth Rangers:

Earth Rangers came to Dell with a unique challenge: they needed a technology solution that would accommodate organizational growth and support new Web projects — all while creating a green data center to match their vision for an environmentally sustainable building.  

Earth Rangers, an environmental education nonprofit based in Canada, is focused on building a green future by transforming today’s children into a powerful and determined part of a healthier planet.

With Dell, Earth Rangers reduced operation costs without sacrificing productivity. By creating a virtualized server infrastructure using Dell PowerEdge M600blade servers, Earth Rangers was able to accommodate 100 percent growth while saving 90 percent on data center space and 85 percent on energy costs.

“We’re proud that our productive data center is small on space and big on energy savings. With assistance from Dell, we have created a sustainable IT infrastructure that reflects our environmental vision and will ultimately help our organization inspire and teach even more children in the years to come.” Gordon Jekubik, chief operating officer at Earth Rangers.

6-8-09 Update: Check out the Earth Rangers and Dell case study for even more information.

Robertson Homes:

Robertson Homes, a green home builder in St. Cloud, Florida, worked with a green consultant to identify desktops and other systems at their business worth replacing due to the power savings and other business benefits. 

Several 4-year-old Optiplex 170Ls were replaced with eight new Energy Smart OptiPlex 960 desktops and one PowerEdge blade server, which reduced their energy bill by 51 percent. To find out more about the other green workplace strategies Robertson Homes has implemented, check out Leigh Stringer’s Blog on the makeover.

“Since implementing Dell’s energy-efficient systems with power-management enabled, we’ve seen our energy costs reduced significantly with no impact to our productivity. Given our commitment to being a green home builder, we are grateful to work with a technology vendor that is helping us reduce our carbon footprint without disturbing our growth.” Clint Robertson, IT manager for Robertson Homes.

About the Author: Kara Krautter