Dell Highlights Solutions Focus at Content Delivery Summit 2012

“[Dell is] an end-to-end IT company that really understand the needs of its customers.” – Michael Dell

It was just a little over seven months ago at Dell World 2011 that Michael Dell reemphasized Dell’s commitment to serving as a full IT solutions company, and in a keynote presentation I gave a few weeks ago at the Content Delivery Summit in New York, I showed just how we’re doing that in the Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment (TME) space at Dell. 

Dell’s TME team is focused on end-to-end solutions for customers in three key areas: mobility, efficiency through the cloud and content management. As we continue to innovate and work towards solutions in all of these spaces, our first solution is around content management as this is one of the biggest challenges for service providers today. Dell Deliver, Dell’s first-ever content delivery platform, is an open framework solution that allows service providers to easily manage, own or even sell their own content delivery networks.

Consumers continue to rely more and more on mobile devices and the demand for video and data that comes with this is putting a heavy burden on data center infrastructures. It’s also proving to be a big challenge for service providers to figure how to make money from this change in the marketplace. Unprecedented and complicated challenges like these require a unique response that allows customers to monetize, increase efficiency and lower costs. 

Through partnerships with EdgeCast Networks for content delivery software and Elemental Technologies for the transcoding element of the solution, Dell Deliver combines the best in hardware and software for a solution that, unlike other offerings, does not require a complete overhaul of a customer’s infrastructure, but instead can be built on top of it, increasing efficiency and lowering costs. 

With Dell’s PowerEdge 12th generation servers, Dell Force10 networking and Dell storage brought together with premier software from EdgeCast and Elemental, Dell Deliver requires less space, hardware and power than other solutions, ultimately saving money for the customer.

Furthermore, because Dell Deliver is unique and is not a proprietary model, the platform allows for additional partners to come in and add elements of monetization to the solution. We’ll have more to share on this in the coming months, but the first example is our partnership with mDialog which adds an advertising layer to the solution. This means that Dell Deliver will not help many customers tackle the complicated world of content management for the first time, but make money from it as well. We think this is huge and we can’t wait to see the results that come from it.

From Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to the NAB Show in Vegas, CTIA Wireless in New Orleans and now the Content Delivery Summit in New York, we continue to spread the word about our solutions-focused activates for TME customers and have received great feedback along the way, both affirmative and constructive.

Now it’s your turn! Check out our complete set of offerings on the Dell Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment page, and comment here and let us know what you think about our approach.

About the Author: Laurie Hutto-Hill