Dell Introduces Two New 11th Generation PowerEdge Servers to Simplify Computing

Dell is adding two new two-socket PowerEdge servers to its 11th generation family. Like the five servers introduced in March, these compact, energy-efficient systems make the most of the new features available with Intel Xeon 5500 Series processors for phenomenal performance. The new PowerEdge T410 tower server and PowerEdge R410 rack server are designed to bring energy-efficient performance to small to mid-sized businesses and technical computing environments.

Small and mid-sized business owners want easier-to-manage and less costly technology to run their company. The Dell PowerEdge T410 tower server fits the unique needs of these companies with enhanced performance for general business applications to do more with less by simplifying daily operations. Here are some highlights of the new server:

  • Compact design: Standing only 24 inches deep with an interactive LCD panel, the PowerEdge T410 is an ideal choice for the small business with the need for simple to own technology;
  • Easy to manage and use: It has embedded management features so business owners can set up the server themselves, spend minimal time to keep it running, and improve productivity;
  • Uptime Reliability: Durable industrial materials including improved chassis, rails, and hard drive carriers improve system reliability;
  • Geared for Growth: Dell focuses on system commonality, making it easy to expand systems based on business growth;
  • Security: The control panel is designed with the power switch locked behind the bezel to prevent accidental activation or intentional tampering;
  • Virtualization Ready: With availability of up to six hard drives, increased memory and more integrated I/O, the PowerEdge T410 has advanced virtualization capabilities.

PowerEdge T410

You can see more images of the T410 in this set posted on our Flickr pages.

While the powerful, compact and quiet Dell PowerEdge R410 rack server provides the right balance of features for High Performance Computing (HPC) and technical environments, in addition to providing flexible internal storage features for space-constrained small- and mid-sized businesses. Here are some other features:

  • Balanced Performance: Specifically configured to increase productivity while reducing costs for intensive HPC workloads, the PowerEdge R410 has the raw computational horsepower needed for technical computing, balanced with energy efficient technology. It is designed to save energy with policy-based power and thermal management, and standards-based Energy Smart components;
  • Increased scalability and performance: High speed interconnects such as InfiniBand QDR and DDR give the throughput needed for communication intensive applications using PCIe gen2 I/O slots that double the theoretical I/O bandwidth of PCI gen1. It has excellent scalability with DDR3 memory and the availability of up to four hard drives;
  • Simplified Management: The server has both Dell Management Console (DMC) and Dell Lifecycle Controller for simplified management. DMC helps simplify operations with a single view and a common data source into the entire infrastructure management. Lifecycle Controller is embedded and integrated into the system for significant flexibility and capabilities for deploying operating systems with built-in driver installations, BIOS and firmware update and rollback, hardware configuration, and diagnostics;
  • Inspired Design: These rack servers are designed with system and image commonality and a LCD screen positioned to provide aisle level access for excellent diagnostics. Convenient placement of interface ports and power make installation and redeployment easier. Clutter-free cable routing makes it less complex, makes airflow more efficient and makes it easier to maintain.

PowerEdge R410

Click here for the Flickr set of the Dell R410.

The new PowerEdge servers are available today worldwide starting at US $999 on or through any of Dell’s more than 45,000 Global PartnerDirect Channel Partners.  You can see these photos, and others, on Dell’s Official Flickr Page.

Lisa Onstot, PowerEdge product manager, gives us a tour of the new features in each server in this video.

About the Author: Matt McGinnis