Dell-Juniper Networking Portfolio Launched

We are really excited about the latest addition to our networking portfolio:  a line of industry-leading, Dell-branded Juniper products.  The Juniper line represents a best-in-class set of security and switching products that will help our customers stay at the forefront of new networking technologies / techniques while also driving down the cost of purchasing, upgrading, and maintaining their networks.  The products we are launching include:

  • The PowerConnect J-EX4200 series of rack-based switches. They are ideal for campus connectivity or the access layer of the data center. The EX4200 includes a feature called Virtual Chassis technology which goes beyond traditionally stacking by offering rapid failover and stacking across longer distances. The switches also run Juniper’s best-in-class JUNOS operating system which helps simplify a customer’s OS version management procedures and policies.
  • The PowerConnect J-EX8200 series of chassis-based switches. They are ideal for campus connectivity or the access / aggregation layer of the data center. The EX8200 offers best-in-class performance and reliability while also running Juniper’s JUNOS operating system.
  • The PowerConnect J-SRX series of security appliances. The PowerConnect J-SRX line is a series of security appliances providing firewall, anti-spam, anti-virus and web-filtering functionality. The SRX line also runs Juniper’s JUNOS operating system allowing customers to manage one OS across all their switching and security products.

This is only the first step in our partnership with Juniper so expect to see more from Dell in the networking space.  We are committed to offering our customers networking solutions to help drive efficiencies into operations without sacrificing functionality.

Click here to download the PowerConnect J-EX4200 Family Spec Sheet or visit the for more details.

About the Author: Paymon Frazi