Dell Launches New Education Community — Edu4U

Education is an important part of life.  We’re all students at some point…in fact, maybe forever, in some respects.  We’ve all benefited from great teachers.  And we all know how important our parents are in shaping our thinking from the earliest days of our lives. 

At Dell, we share a passion for education and we know how valuable it is to connect with each other via technology.  We learn more and we’re able to share content and ideas in real time.  As we looked at the great community participation with our Digital Nomads site, we thought it would make a lot of sense to form a new community for students, teachers and parents to share insights on education.  Our new community, which we are launching today, is called Edu4U.  You’ll see sections on here to learn about social media, called Digital Media Camp; the latest news for Teachers via Teacher Tube; a forum capability for parents to exchange ideas and much more. 

There is a real online revolution going on today in social media and students know this, perhaps, better than anyone.  As a parent of two teenage daughters, I can tell you that I’m convinced.  Students ages 12-17 are online more than any other age group.  Half of all blogs are authored by teenagers.  More than a million students now take classes online in the U.S. alone and there are more than 100 million college students worldwide. In many respects, as amazing as this seems, we’re really just getting started.  Our students are just getting started…

Our goal is for our community to stay ahead of this curve and help each other navigate the world of education advances in an online setting.

I mentioned our passion before and in these videos, you’ll hear Paul Bell, our President of Public, talk about our commitment to education (see part 1 below) and our role in helping to make the world a better place (see part 2 below).  This particular interview occurred last Friday when Paul participated in a panel with former President Bill Clinton, Natalie Portman, Blake Mycoskie and Mambidzeni Madzivire at the Clinton Global Initiative University meeting in Austin, Texas. 

We’ve created this community for you, the students, parents and teachers of the world.  We look forward to your participation and ideas as we all learn together. 

About the Author: Bob P