Dell Linux Readiness on the new Intel Nehalem-EX and AMD Magny-Cours Processors

I am happy to announce Dell Linux Readiness on the new Intel Nehalem-EX and AMD Magny-Cours processors with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES).

We understand the need for our customers to run mission-critical applications to run their businesses.  Our customers have asked us for powerful and viable solutions that provides value while still maintaining the same performance they expect from their server and Operating System investments.  It’s important to us to put our engineering efforts behind solutions that work, that provide significant value and that exceed the performing benchmarks to run a datacenter.

At Dell, our Linux Engineering teams have tested and validated RHEL 5.5 and SLES 11 to efficiently run on the new Intel Nehalem-EX and AMD Magny-Cours platforms.  We’ve taken robust servers and combined it with the enhanced features and functionality of both RHEL and SLES to make a prime alternative to a Unix-based stack.

Our focuses in our validation process have been on ensuring hardware compatibility, virtualization enablement and Linux/Windows interoperability:

*  Hardware:  Dell has collaborated with Novell, Red Hat, Intel and AMD to optimize the Linux distributions on our server platforms.  We’ve integrated RHEL and SLES into our storage and networking solutions as well, ensuring that all device drivers are open-sourced and released back to the open community.

*  Virtualization:  Dell has worked with both Novell and Red Hat to provide improved security for virtual guests, support for more virtual guests and much improved virtual guest management.

*  Interoperability:  Understanding that Windows and Linux are prevalent in the datacenter, we’ve teamed with our Linux partners and Microsoft to make sure that interoperability among the disparate OSes play well together.  Dell understands that diverse OS environments doesn’t have to be managed, virtualized and deployed in silos.

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About the Author: Tui Leauanae