Dell Mini 9: Slight Return

Back in June, some customers were disappointed that we stopped selling the Inspiron Mini 9. For those customers, we're offering it for a limited time.

If you wanted to order a Mini 9 in the past but did not get around to it, you have four days to change that from this link.

Instead of telling the story myself, the Mini 9 wanted to share the details. It turns out she's a pretty good writer. Who am I to keep that from happening?

With that, here's a few words from the Mini 9:

A few months ago Anne C. was kind enough publish a post about my retirement. It was an bittersweet moment for me – being the “eldest” of the Dell Inspiron Mini portfolio, but my siblings the Mini 10 and the Mini 10v have been introduced, and frankly are capable of offering anything I can, plus more. Imagine my surprise when I got the call to return for a limited engagement. I checked my 401(k) and saw that it really wasn’t at the point I needed it to be to support a comfortable retirement, so I have agreed to return.

I am back, for a limited time, and for now can be found as part of a few key limited time promotional deals on Both Ubuntu (starting at $199) and XP versions are available, as are a few color options (Obsidian Black and Alpine White are standard, Jade Green and Promise Pink add $40). Not to sound immodest, but I do want to acknowledge and thank my fan club members who expanded my pre-retirement horizons with various mods and hacks. I hope to renew our acquaintance, even if for a short time and continue our adventures. I do want to assure that this will be my last appearance – I disdain those “final sales” campaigns that seem to go on perpetually. Next time I retire, it will be for good.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca