Dell Modernization Services for SAP: Interview with Dell’s Jason Glenn

Jason Glenn, SAP Architect at Dell is a lead member in our SAP Modernization Services for existing and new SAP customers looking to transform their business expectations from SAP. I recently sat down with Jason to find out more about this service from Dell:

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Discussion Highlights:

  • Dell Modernization Services focuses on three areas: SAP in Cloud, SAP in HANA, and SAP in Mobile
  • Dell’s highly experienced SAP team assists in licensing, migration, rapid deployment, and technical upgrades
  • Existing SAP customers are very interested in moving to the cloud with a high demand for the Computing as a Utility model of pay as you need
  • Customers are not following a direct path from UNIX/x86 platform to virtualization to cloud; Dell meets the needs of the customer with the best solution platform for SAP

The Dell SAP marketing team has a nice video on the Dell Modernization Services that is also worth your time:

(Please visit the site to view this video)

For more information on Dell Modernization Services visit the web site or read this 2-pager.

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