Dell Networking and QLogic Ethernet change the game on Ethernet connectivity

Ethernet is undergoing a massive evolution – visibly in speeds, a lot is changing under the covers (more on that later) to bring to enterprise data centers – something that has never happened before in any technology – a step backwards in speeds (25GbE) and the co-existence of five different speeds (10/25/40/50/100GbE) in a single block of time.

What is driving this, while 10Gb Ethernet (GbE) technology is fine for many existing deployments, it cannot efficiently deliver the bandwidth required by next generation private cloud and web-scale environments. Widely available, 40GbE technology is internally comprised of four lanes of 10GbE – thus significantly increasing the price/performance ratio by reducing switch port density, increased cable costs and lack of a strong upgrade path.

25 Gb/s Ethernet will provide up to 2.5 times faster performance than existing 10Gb/s Ethernet connections while maximizing the Ethernet controller bandwidth/pin and switch fabric capability. This can deliver more than a 50 percent savings in rack interconnect cost per unit of bandwidth, and significantly improve an operator’s bottom line. It will also increase network scale and accommodate higher server density within a rack than what is currently achievable with 40Gb/s Ethernet ToR links.

With the invention of 25GbE after the advent of 40GbE, the enterprise data center also has an amazing array of Ethernet speeds at their disposal, all the way from 10GbE to 100GbE with every major stop in between. Choices like these are bringing to customers the flexibility and performance that no other connectivity platform has ever brought – changing the game and giving enterprise datacenters the tools and the platform to win the game.

Dell Networking – with the introduction of Z9100 and S6100 scalable next gen Ethernet switching platforms capable of driving the myriad of Ethernet speeds while delivering the best value proposition is collaborating with QLogic’s RDMA capable Ethernet NIC technology capable of 10/25/40/50/100GbE to bring a validated and trusted Ethernet platform to joint customers.

See the technologies that can help you win – in action at Dell World next week in Austin.

About the Author: Nishant Lodha