Dell OEM Solutions Custom Shop Winter, 2011 update: Part 3

My recent video posts about the custom engineering team in the Dell OEM Solutions Group have generated great interest, thanks! In Part-1 we see some serious and complicated modifications to Dell’s PowerEdge M1000e fan shroud assembly to increase reliability in shock events for a specific customer with special needs for blade server installations prone to mechanical shocks. In Part-2 our illustrious engineer walks us through a prototype customization for a Dell PowerEdge T710 with multiple GPUs installed along with audio and other things.

Today, in Part-3, we see Ric McKinney demonstrating some amazing work performed by our very own Zac Cravens and Shane Chiasson, OEM product custom engineers, for a very high end Dell Precision Workstation T7500. Upon a request from an OEM customer, Zac and Shane took an already killer workstation and created a beast out of it by increasing the 3.5” hard drive count to eight drives and adding a very ingenious carrier solution for a 9th drive, a 2.5” SSD. They also created the cabling solution to connect those drives to a high end Dell PERC H700 RAID controller and tested the platform for two high end Video cards with extended power and thermal requirements beyond Dell’s standard supported options.

What a crazy-mad powerful machine!!! I can only imagine how it performs for our OEM customer’s solution.

I have one last video from the event where I spoke with Ric about some of the stuff our OEM engineers do for our customers, so stay tuned for part 4 in the near future.

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About the Author: Franklin Flint