Dell offers increased storage efficiency with new 4TB drives for Dell Compellent

In our world of Big Data, bigger drives can be better but only if they provide greater storage efficiency while helping to drive down costs.  Gone are the days when you were just seeking to add more and more storage as a means to address data growth.  Now you have to consider the cost of maintaining data based on its value to your organization.  One way of gaining efficiency is to dynamically move enterprise data to the optimal storage tier based on actual use. With Dell Compellent, the most active blocks reside on high-performance SSD, Fibre Channel or SAS drives, while infrequently accessed data migrates to lower-cost, high-capacity SAS drives.

Today, I am excited to announce the availability of the densest Dell Compellent storage array to date.

“Dell is the first major SAN provider to offer their customers our latest 4TB drive, the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD for its Compellent SC200 enclosure,” said Scott Horn, Seagate vice president of marketing. “With this addition, Dell can help customers to increase their storage density per square foot and control costs as digital content demand continues to fuel the need for high-capacity storage solutions.” 

The availability of the 4TB SAS 3.5” HDD expands the Compellent tier 3 and archiving portfolio from 3TB to 4TB.  This yields a total of up to 48TB of raw capacity in a single 2U 3.5” enclosure with 12 disk drives, resulting in a 33% density improvement.  It also allows more flexibility and capacity for your remote replication sites with Remote Instant Replay that leverages space-efficient snapshots between local and remote sites for cost-effective disaster recovery and business continuity. 

As organizations grow, the demand for larger, yet more efficient storage becomes a common need. With Dell Compellent ‘s optimized performance and data placement,  you can grow without limitations while focusing on your business needs rather than worrying about the reliability of your storage. Drives can be added at any time, with no downtime while the system scales automatically.  The 4TB drives are available to you today in new and already deployed systems with Storage Center 6.2.2 software or higher. 

For additional information, contact your partner or Dell salesperson.

About the Author: Angie Huh