Dell Offers Social Media Services to Help Businesses Listen, Engage and Interact More Effectively

Michael Dell on Social Media

Most organizations understand that social media, when used effectively, can impact a company’s bottom line by building and/or strengthening customer advocacy, increasing brand awareness and gathering insights through real-time reporting analytics.

In recent years, Dell has been recognized as a leader for social media engagement and I am excited to officially introduce Dell’s first line of social media services offerings. A combination of Dell’s collective expertise accompanied with real-world feedback, we have developed four offerings within our social media services to help business better understand what is being said about their brand as well as how to use social media to improve their brand reputation, customer service, etc. 

Dell Social Media Listening and Command Center

Best Practices Seminars

  • Learn best practices from Dell case studies and scenario role-playing
  • Obtain social media strategies for specific corporate and industry needs
  • Learn how your business can use social media effectively

Advisory Services

  • Optimize the tactical elements of your organization’s social media strategy
  • Understand the effectiveness of your businesses current strategy and initiatives
  • Establish a plan that aligns with business goals, culture and ROI

Listening and Insights Services

  • Receive daily, weekly, monthly reports that capture social media conversations
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, competitors and industry market needs

Listening Command Center Build-Outs

  • Benefit from Dell’s experience by building your own listening command center
  • Discuss best practices for staffing, running and integrating the command center into your business

 Dell’s own Social Media Listening Command Center was launched in late 2010 in the Round Rock, TX headquarters and monitors more than 25,000 mentions of Dell per day. The Dell Social Media Listening Command Center also generates interest and serves as a way of sharing our story and best practices with other companies. In the last 18 months, Dell has hosted nearly 400 tours of the center from those across many segments, such as Fortune 500, non-profit, public/education and healthcare. For information regarding Dell’s Social Media Services and what Dell did for the American Red Cross and Clemson University, visit, email or follow the links below:

About the Author: Kevin Carrillo