Dell on Dell: How We Use Our Products, Solutions and Services to Power our Own Story

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Practice what you preach. Walk the walk, or my favorite – drink your own champagne. We’ve all heard these sayings but how many of us are putting them into practice? As CIO of Dell, I’m proud to share that we run our business on technology that is over 85 percent Dell. From the data center to the desktop, from monitoring to security, we’re often our own best case study by implementing the end to end solutions we offer our customers. 

Every IT organization in the industry struggles with a common issue – complexity. Greater complexity leads to decreased IT agility and higher operating costs. But in the age of the customer, IT has to move at the speed of the internet and develop solutions that solve the business problems of tomorrow. It is our responsibility and priority to ensure that our corporate systems are reliable, available, and secure and offer up the best platform to run our business. Here at Dell, we can do that by using any technology available, but we choose to use Dell products, solutions and services to run our global business and make IT more agile and responsive to change, make the workforce more productive, make more data driven decisions and make the organization more secure. And we are seeing results:  we are delivering programs 4x faster.  We have reduced the number of incidents by 50 percent year over year.  We have shifted the balance of spend of our budget from “keeping the lights on” to innovation, enabling us to do more with our dollars. 

We’ve also found using Dell to power our business is an important way to showcase the functionality and scalability of the products, solutions and services we sell. We’ve essentially become a living laboratory for the technologies by playing the role of the beta or first release user. When one of the products we sell meets the requirements of a business problem we are trying to solve we treat ourselves as a customer and follow the same path a customer would in reviewing, implementing, testing and receiving support. We are not mandated to use every product that we sell or to be 100 percent Dell technology, however we want to be a role model and positive case study so our business can share our experiences with our customers to make their experience with the technology even better.

This “Dell on Dell” blog series will focus on the specific areas of enterprise solutions that we use here at Dell to:

  • Transform the IT infrastructure for increased efficiency
  • Connect the workforce to achieve greater productivity
  • Inform the organization by turning data into insights, and
  • Protect everything from the device to the cloud

Join me next time as I focus on how we are transforming Dell using our own products. 

About the Author: Paul Walsh

Topics in this article