Dell partners with Cortado to provide mobile workers with anywhere, anytime printing

The “always on” nature of today’s world means data is no longer tied to a single device, connectivity is critical and the need for anytime, anywhere printing is imperative. With offerings including Cortado Workplace and Dell Proximity Printing (DPPS), Dell is helping to make intuitive printing a reality. We’ll continue to announce more solutions in the coming months as in this “virtual era” it’s clear that it’s about much more than just the hardware.

Last month (as announced at CeBIT), Dell joined Brother, Funkwerk, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera and Oki in a partnership with Cortado to form the Cloud Printing Alliance, working towards a long-term goal of creating a common standard for printing files from all device types (including smartphones) and via all types of networks, from WiFi to cellular and the cloud. Becoming part of the Cloud Printing Alliance marks a major milestone for Dell in the mobile printing realm and demonstrates our continued efforts to deliver end-to-end solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers.

Cortado’s Workplace technology, which is available as a free download and is is now available on over twenty of Dell’s printer models (including a number of models launched in fall 2010), allows documents from computers and mobile devices to be sent to nearby printers, making printing as easy as possible from any application, any operating system and any location. It is a truly mobile solution aimed to increase printing convenience for customers.

Dell understands that without mobile printing, mobile computing can be difficult as mobile users working away from their desks often have difficulty finding a printer, undercutting productivity. To meet this challenge, we offer Dell Proximity Printing Solution (DPPS), a free, downloadable software application that helps you easily access any nearby printer on your network, regardless of brand or location. Once building/floor maps have been configured with the printers assigned to your enterprise network, then DPPS utilizes the wireless network in your building to determine the location of your

laptop or desktop computer, and then designates the printer that’s closest to you.

About the Author: Don Heath